Why You Should Travel Within the US

While a vacation abroad is enriching, it can be just as fun to spend your time off in the states. While you might feel like it’s not much of an adventure, the US actually has plenty to offer when it comes to vacationing. If you’re planning your next trip, then here are the reasons you should stay in the US.

Less Air Time

While the idea of going to Europe might seem romantic, in reality, you’ll be spending upwards of 8 hours on the plane and spending far more money than you would if you stayed nearer home. For those who get travel sick, sticking closer to home is the far better option.

Many people want to avoid air travel altogether, and by vacationing in the US, you have the ability to stay firmly on the ground.

A Variety of Destinations

Just because the US is one country doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a wide range of destinations to offer. From the east coast to the west coast, there are plenty of different cultures, types of people, and sites to experience. You can enjoy the bustle of New York City or travel to the sunny coasts of California for two completely different types of holiday.

Easier Planning

One of the worst parts of a vacation is planning, so make it easier by staying close to home. You won’t have to worry about visas, culture shocks, or money changing if you stay in the states. You can even take your own car to avoid airport waiting! If you do plan on flying, then Newark airport parking provides you with a designated parking spot and cheaper fees.

No Learning a New Language

Is there anything more embarrassing than being on vacation and not understanding a word the waiter says? You don’t have to worry about that in the states. Everywhere you go will know English, so you don’t have to keep a phrasebook with you at all times. The only thing you will need to adjust to is all the different accents!

You Can Take the Car

One of the best reasons to vacation in the states is that you can turn it into a road trip and avoid air travel altogether. Imagine riding through the winding US roads from one coast to the other, enjoying each individual town along the way. You’ll experience more by doing this than you would by taking a plane to a single destination!

The Opportunity to Meet Up with Friends or Family

Most people in the US have friends or family dotted around the country, so traveling will give you the opportunity to meet up with them. Not only will you have a great time catching up, but you will also cut down on accommodation costs if they have a spare bedroom for you to stay in!

Visiting other countries is exciting, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the states for every vacation you take. The next time you plan a trip, make it one where you can enjoy the country you are in.