Travelling to Italy: Things to Do in Rome

Since COVID restrictions have been lifted, traveling to Rome Italy in 2023 is a must. There are plenty of things to do there and it usually starts with visiting the Colosseum. It’s a bit big so it better charge your camera ahead of time so you can take lots of pictures. You can expect there to be plenty of people there so better arrive a bit early.

This place has a lot of history and you have the option to hire a tour guide who can inform you about what went down in this place many years ago. Another place to go to would be none other than the Spanish Steps. ironically, this place is known as a meeting place for local lovers. It is located in a central spot so you can eat at a fancy restaurant after climbing those steps.

Another place to put on your list would be The Roman Forum. The views are amazing so take a lot of pictures with the entire family. Remember to go to the Vatican Museums there as you will see lots of artworks made by artists of all generations. last but not the least, there is the Fiumi fountain. Some tourists say it is actually a lot better to head over to this place at night so you can see the lights shine bright.

If you’re traveling from a non-EU visa-exempt country and you plan to be there for vacation purposes then you must have an ETIAS Europe visa. Of course, you would only get rejected if your application is not complete or you don’t show up for the interview.

Taking care of everything in advance would make you feel nice for your travels. When that happens, you would now think about where you are going to eat. Due to the availability of many restaurants, you will probably think you won’t have enough time to try all those places. Thus, better make plenty of room in your tummy so you won’t regret not going there in time. The same holds true for the accommodations there as they tend to sell out early during peak season. Hence, it would be a splendid idea to book as early as possible.