Top Travel Destinations Across Canada

Canada is the largest country in all of North America, contrary to popular belief, and its lands are beautiful and vast. They don’t refer to Canada as “The Great White North” for nothing. It’s miles of untamed natural landscape earned the title honestly.

There are forests, prairies, beaches, mountains, and arctic plains all in one country. No matter how you plan your route to explore Canada, you’ll encounter gorgeous scenery. Check out a few of the best travel destinations Canada has to offer, and start planning your trip today.

The great Niagara Falls

One of the most popular hotspots in Canada is the great Niagara Falls. Millions of people make the trip to see this gigantic spectacle every year.

Tourists are granted the opportunity to take a ferry down to the bottom of the falls, and get a whole different perspective of its massive greatness. Make sure you add this historic beauty to your itinerary when you begin exploring Canada.

Whistler is a winter wonderland

Whistler is Canada’s winter wonderland, but it’s great to visit any time of the year. Families go to Whistler for skiing, golfing, and other winter sports. There are endless opportunities to get into some fun while visiting Whistler.

The nearby locations of Vancouver and Surrey also offer plenty to explore. Plan your road trip route through these cities, just make sure to keep your eyes on the road. The sights may be gorgeous, but they’re not worth having a car accident in Surrey, Canada.

Banff National Park

Alberta plays host to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. The park presents some of the most breathtaking landscapes your mind can imagine.

You’ve likely seen something close on a travel show, but taking in the spectacle that is Banff National Park live and in living color is something else entirely. The lakes are turquoise with snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.

You can stay in Banff, as there is a small town at the end of the route. There are plenty of shops and diners to keep your day supplied with activities, or you can simply sit back to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Toronto is a spectacle in itself

Toronto is the largest city in the country, and home to the famed CN Tower. The CN Tower is the most prominent visual spectacle of the Toronto skyline, and the top of the architectural wonder features a revolving restaurant.

Enjoy a fine dining experience hovering over the whole of the city with a 360 degree view. The CN Tower is truly an interesting structure to explore, and it even lights up in different colors when night falls over the city.

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