Stunning Islands of the South East Asia

If out love white beaches and crystal clear waters, then head straight for Southeast Asia!

With an extensive collection of islands, you are sure to remain spoilt for choices here. There are thousands and thousands of remote and unspoiled island paradises to browse from in Southeast Asia. Get ready for an incredible experience as you laze on those soft sandy beaches fringed by palm trees and green hills. Take up a Southeast Asian Island touring and explore endless opportunities for the tourists. Southeast Asia is blessed in abundance of some of the best Islands in the world that are sure to fit in your budget and expectations.

Hotels in Redang Island are high in popularity not just because of the excellent services and amenities, but also the beautiful island. The hotel is really lovely and just minutes away from the beach. The views are great, and the best part is that you enjoy luxurious services well within your budget.

Here is an overview of some of the most stunning Islands of South East Asia.


  • Koh Kradan – The tiny Thai island of Koh Kradan is just perfect for relaxing as well as enjoying adventurous water sports like snorkeling and swimming. Relax on the soft sands or watch a romantic sunset together. It is a peaceful setting within the beautiful tropical setting.
  • Similan Islands – Comprising of 11 archipelagos located along the west coast of the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands are protected by the Thai government. The marine nature reserve with crystal-clear waters is indeed a paradise for snorkelers and divers.


  • Perhentian Islands – These islands are the perfect spot to relax and listen to music. Enjoy your cocktail as you sip on a cocktail, or you can go and explore the hidden coves and sandy beaches of the island. You can also go diving and snorkeling.
  • Pom Pom Island – Located off the east coast of Malaysia, this is another stunning island. The turquoise waters and coral reefs plus the vast number of fish species are sure to impress you. Do not be surprised to come across hawksbill marine turtles who come here to nest.
  • Redang Island – It is one of the largest islands and famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Tourists look forward to the opportunity of snorkeling and diving. Redang Island Resort is immensely popular among the tourists and locals for its fantastic services and comfortable stay.


  • Raja Ampat Islands- The island is a group of 1000 Islands, and it is a joy to visit the sparsely populated Island. Enjoy the sublime sceneries and the best jungles and more. Swim in the luminous turquoise waters and go for Snorkelling and diving which are a big attraction for the adventurous, active tourists.
  • The Mentawai Islands- These islands are located in the western side of Sumatra and is well known for its sharp waves. The mesmerizing sea is impeccable for Surfing. You can drive in a fast boat or go trekking and camping.


  • Palawan Island – The Island is the famous green Island of Philippines and is covered with greeneries. You will love the fantastic picturesque of the island with the blue sea and the very renowned waterfall here. Hiking is a favorite activity here, and one can explore the 22000 years old Tabon Cave.
  • Cebu Island – The Cebu Island is well known for its stunning view of the seas and mountains. This is just the perfect island for adventure seekers as there is plenty to and see. One can explore the outstanding natural beauty, relax at the resorts, trial to the mountains or go fishing in the nearby villages.

The above are just a couple of islands that should be on your list. However, there are many more beautiful islands in South East Asia