4 Countries in Europe Those Are Nowhere Less Than Heaven

Europe is that one continent which has been gifted with the most beautiful places in the world. It is even harder to come up with any explanation that would beat the fact that yes, Europe indeed has the most astonishing lands. But, amongst so many counties, there are a few which are always going to stay in the top of the list. Many people who visit Europe or plan a tour there end up visiting the same famed places without realizing that there are more to explore. So, if you are visiting Europe in the coming days, try breaking the old legend of visiting the same old places and try exploring ones which really deserve your attention.

High angle view of city

Planning a Europe trip is not difficult these days. Many travel agencies are offering great packages and no matter in which country you are residing, you will get a great tour package like Europe tour from Dubai, Europe tour from India, Europe Tour from France and anywhere. So now, after you know how to avail the tour packages, focus on travelling to these 4 countries in Europe those are worth your visit.


Greece is that one country which is famous for its ancient sites, remarkable monuments, monasteries, untouched villages, and historical treasures. It is a blend of nature’s beauty with man-made ancient heritage. The sight of its ancient sites is something that is just hard to put into words. One can find a lot to do in Greece and the best is to discover the Greek mythology that has been the inspiration of many artists till date. The country is a must to visit by every travel bug if he/she is looking for some diverse beauty.


The place got its fame post being a spot of the shoot for the worldwide famous series “Game of Thrones,” but the place deserves more than just being that. Croatia is an ancient country dotted with white-walled towns and framed with gorgeous beaches of sparkling blue water. The beauty of Croatia is still untouched and that is why it offers the best natural treasure. The country is also a cultural hub of architectural beauty. The beauty of this place cannot be sufficed.


Turkey is a country which can perfectly be called as a cultural hub. Here, one can live through the amalgamation of European, Asian, and Roman culture and a few establishments are even located where you can strongly feel the influence. With the mix of these diverse yet vibrant cultures, ancient structures, markets, and beaches, you will feel to be entered in a completely different world where beauty prevails and rules.


Norway is a country in Europe that is more of a rugged and nature stricken place. The coastal mountains, striking fjords, glaciers, and natural beauty make Norway a place simply heaven for the nature lovers. The country is entirely into nature and is filled with nature parks, wildlife, and unique natural sceneries. Added to this, the culture of the country that is prevailing in almost all the cities will make you fall in love.

These 4 countries in Europe are the most gorgeous yet unexplored. You must take a break from visiting the old stereotypical places and make sure to visit any of these 4 places to know what it feels to spend a few days of life away from the chaos.