Why Labradors Are The Most Popular Dogs

In countries such as the USA, you might commonly see Labrador retrievers in many households. You can read more about them in this site here. They are considered to be the most popular breeds, and you can see them anywhere in parks and neighborhoods.

This is because labs make good friends for little children and babies. They are great companions, and they are ideal pets for families. They can also hunt, which makes them an excellent ally when you are going into campong. They are always ready for adventure, so every time you are thinking of going to a faraway beach, you can always count on them to accompany you without too much hassle.

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If you are looking for great breeds that will suit your home, here are some of the reasons why you need to consider labs as excellent choices.

Why Get a Labrador

1. They are Highly Trainable

The intelligence of the retrievers is high so that you can train them quickly. Their smartness is aimed at pleasing their owners, but please note that as with any other breed, the training still can require a lot of work and patience. But they are unlike other dogs that resist the process of change and exercise.

Your furry pet will love to get cues and treats from you. They are loyal land they are willing to walk with you all around the neighborhood if you wish. You can also cuddle with them on the sofa whenever you want to have a quiet evening. If you’re going to ease efficiently train them, you can visit sites such as petdogpals.com – dog product reviews for stairs, leashes, and collars that can make the training process smoother.

2. They Love Children

These pets love babies and small children. Many of them are great companions that guard the little kids from strangers. They are not definitely one of the worst dogs to have when one has a young family. It is important to note, though, that, like any other animal, you need to properly supervise your pet and your child, especially when they are still young.

But on the upside, they are patient and affectionate. They love spending time with the smallest member of the family, and they are tolerant as well. They can take a tug or two on the ears, and they love to play fetch. A word of caution against tugging. If you see your baby tugging too hard, you should take them away from the dog, especially if it is still a puppy.

3. Have Healthy Bodies and Longer Lives

When you bring a pet to your home, you want them to stay for as long as possible. It can be sad for some owners to know that other breeds have shorter life spans but not Labradors. These breeds are known to live healthier lives. As long as you feed them with a balanced diet and walk them frequently, they should not be able to contract diseases and sickness easily. The average life span is about 12 years. This means more than a decade of fun and exercise.

4. They Don’t Require Much Grooming

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If you dread expensive trips to the groomer each week, then labs are an excellent choice for you. They don’t have longer coats, and they don’t require several minutes of brushing every week. Of course, it is still essential that you take your pet to the groomer to have haircuts and fresh baths. But in the case of Labradors, you can do these things yourself, or they will still look well-groomed even without regular brushing.

5. They Want to Be of Use

Some of the best search-and-rescue breeds are Labradors. Some of them train in therapy to make sure that their owners continue to be happy even in old age. They take this training well because they want to be useful. Their willingness to please and show-off to their masters make them the most outstanding pets available. Some of them are happy to be guide dogs for the blind. Their desire to help and please help lots of people to have more comfortable lives.

6. They are Playful and Adventurous

Most people want to go to the mountains or see nature during vacation time. The best companion for them is labs, which are very adventurous. These breeds are very friendly, and they can quickly adapt to new people. They can welcome somebody new in the group, and they don’t have any qualms when strangers are around the beaches. Most owners find it endearing that they can bring their pets to cookouts around the campfire.

7. They Make Great Companions for Athletic Owners

If you are the athletic type who jogs around the neighborhood or you are an outdoor person, then your furry friend can accompany you easily. They can jog, swim, and hike with you. Both of you can stay fit, and whatever you are doing to build muscles in your body, your lab will be up to it. You may even find him outperforming you in swimming and jumping.

8. They Aren’t Picky with Food

Retrievers are known to have big appetites. And the good news is that they are not picky eaters. They love to eat everything. This is not to say that you can give every food that you have, including sweets and sugars, which are fatal to them. It would help if you still aimed to provide them with healthy choices of foods and treats in every meal and snack. Because they are prone to obesity, it is important to walk them from time to tome and help them exercise so they can live longer.