The Difference Between A Dog Crate, Kennel or Cage?


Among the materials used in dog crates, dog cages, and dog kennels is plastic, wire, aluminum, fabric, wood, or wicker. A dog shelter usually consists of a square or similar structure that is just large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The device is portable and can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation. Dog crate, kennel, or cages are all commonly used words.

  1. When dealing with chewers or escape artists, crates made of fabric, wood or wicker need to be carefully considered prior to purchase. Whether your home is filled with dogs or not, these crates will contribute to a more decorative and seamless look. A wood coffee table can be placed on top of a wire crate so that your home looks like it has matched of its furnishings.
  2. The aluminum crates for dogs on airplanes are strong, lightweight, and some are even equipped with guard rails. Gun Dog owners and law enforcement officers that transport dogs to veterinarians or for containment increasingly use them.
  3. Since they are versatile, indestructible, easy to transport, and indestructible, plastic dog crates have been the most popular for several decades. Many of the plastic crates are approved by airlines, which makes them a popular choice. They are rounded inside so that if they get tipped over in a car or jostled during flight, they’re less likely to hurt themselves.
  4. The other reason wire dog crates are popular is because of their versatility. The designs are versatile, foldable, and many have handles for easy portability. In addition to providing 360 degree visibility to your dog, they allow you to keep a better eye on him. Plastic crates are more enclosed than metal cages, but again, some dogs prefer being in an open environment with lots of light rather than an enclosed, darker plastic crate.
  5. Although larger outdoor kennels can be disassembled and moved, they will require more effort due to their larger sizes compared to a dog crate. Your backyard can be saved from being excavated, as some breeds are known to do, and free from urine and excrement that can harm your feet.

A dog crate, no matter what type it’s made of, is usually light enough to be carried by one person for small dogs, or two people for medium to large dogs. Dollies with wheels and handles, such as those used for flatbed wagons, are useful for carrying crates when the dog is inside.

Crates for dogs are used for what?

There are many reasons for confined dog activity, and every dog owner and dog will have different reasons. A dog crate provides your puppy or dog with a den-like enclosure that serves numerous purposes.

1. Tool for housebreaking

It uses your dog’s reluctance to soil its living/sleeping area to its advantage.

2. Eliminates harmful behavior

Getting furniture and shoes chewed can be costly and frustrating.

3. Home Dangers/Safety

Small dogs being stepped on at a party due to rodent poisons, anti-freeze, and electrical wires.

4. Stress associated with separation

If your dog has been grieved by your departure, it may throw itself against the door or window to catch a glimpse of you as soon as you leave. Dogs with destructive behaviors may benefit from a crate filled with comforting toys and treats.

5. Vacation

Crates can provide a sense of security to pets when traveling by car, plane, or pickup truck. In recognition of what they have done for us, we must ensure our dogs are safe when travelling, whether they are on vacation or working.

6. Accommodations

During your absence from home, your dog may feel more at ease while staying in a crate while you are out for dinner or at the movies.

7. Shows featuring dogs

When over one dog is being groomed and shown, groomers and owners use Wooden dog crate to retain the safety and comfort of their dogs.

8. Animal and plant resources department

During their work, wildlife officers use dog crates to transport wildlife such as fawns, birds, reptiles, foxes, and any other creatures which may need to be relocated, be rehabilitated, caught, examined, or tagged.

9. Controlling pests

A pest control company relocates small wildlife such as raccoons, birds, opossums, and snakes, lizards, and alligators from urban areas to safer and more natural areas in crates.

10. Infliction of punishment

A dog crate should never be used for punishment.

What is the Best Place for the Crate at Home?

When you are at home, place the dog crate close to you or, if it is large, in one of the areas where you spend the most time, such as the living room or kitchen. It is best to move the crate as close to your sleeping quarters as possible if you cannot move it to your bedroom at night. Dogs are pack animals and they like to be with you constantly.

The crate in your home should have no special significance however you place it, and your children should never disrupt your dog or puppy while he is in the crate. If your dog feels like he can retreat and rest or “hang out” for as long as he wishes without being disturbed, he will feel more secure.

A dog crate that meets all your future needs for your dog should be carefully chosen before purchasing it.