Key Considerations to Make Before Getting a Dog

There are a whole host of benefits to getting a dog. They make excellent pets and it is well-known that dogs are often the number one choice for a new fluffy companion if you are looking for a new family member. Nevertheless, that does not mean that there are not downsides to getting a dog. It can be difficult to admit to negatives when you really want a particular pet, but it is important to make the relevant considerations before committing to a dog — for the good of both you and the dog.

So here are some key considerations to make in regard to getting a dog so that you can make an informed decision.

They Have a Long Life Span

Dogs usually live for at least ten years. Some breeds can live past fifteen years or maybe even longer depending on their health. Dogs can be fantastic additions to your home when you first get them, but what is important to think about is what you are going to be doing ten years down the line. Dogs are a lifetime commitment, so if you are planning any big changes in years to come — such as relocation, starting a family or any huge upheavals — think about whether a dog easily fits into your plans.

They Can Be Very Expensive

The day to day running costs of a dog are not usually too much, as long as you take into account the cost of food and everyday treats. Overall, however, dogs have the potential for running up big bills, and particularly in regard to their healthcare. You need to be sure that you can afford the necessary ongoing treatments like vaccinations, worming and flea medication, and any other necessities like grooming treatment.

Not only that, but vet bills can be particularly high if your dog runs into an accident, health problem or emergency. It is therefore a good idea to have extra savings for pet emergencies.

To make emergency situations more manageable for you and your pet, you would need to find a dependable service like to take your pet to during an emergency.

They Can Be Destructive (and Hard Work)

There is no doubt that dogs are adorable. Well-behaved dogs are perfect companions who respect your home and your company. Yet not all dogs are well-behaved, and it is always possible that a dog could be very problematic. You could get a dog who is very destructive, ruins your home, misbehaves or even becomes aggressive. While proper training and behaviour modification is possible through dedicated specialists, it is something to think about in regard to how you would react to a very difficult dog.

They Can Restrict Your Freedom

If you are a fan of spontaneous decisions, such as an impulsive weekend away, the need to travel for a month or two, or simply heading out for a social drink straight after work, then a dog has the power to prevent all of that. Naturally it is possible to take your dog with you on trips away, and even to social occasions, but it may take extra planning, and you will be restricted to pet-friendly accommodation only.

Be sure to think honestly about these points before committing.