Choosing A Vets for Your New Pet Dog or Cat

When you get a new pet dog or a cat, you need to think about lots of things, and there are also lots of things you need to arrange. Choosing adequate food is definitely an important thing but choosing the right lead and even the correct bed type. One majorly important thing that most new pet owners forget to consider or even research is the vets that they will use. Not just the best for when emergencies strike, but the vets for routine check-ups, boosters, and annual vaccinations. Getting a vet in place and ready to go for your new pet is part of being a good owner. So, what should you consider, and what should you be thinking about?

Are They Recommended?

Not all vets come highly recommended, and this is why it is so important to take note of any recommendations that you receive from family, friends, and fellow dog or cat owners. A good vet and a good recommendation is worth a lot, as it shows that people place a lot of trust and value in the vet and the practice to recommend it to others.


Do the vets have a good reputation? One poor vet at a practice can let the whole side down, but if the overall reputation is not very good, then you will have to think twice about going with them. Going for a vet such as Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital with a positive reputation will leave you with a sense of safety and security. To establish the reputation of a vets, you must read independent online and offline reviews, which will, of course, allow you to make up your own mind.

Treatment Time and Waiting Lists

A vet practice can be so popular that their treatment time and waiting lists of routine operations is unbelievably long. This can be seen as a positive thing if you are just booking in for a routine check-up, but if you need emergency vets, it is no good. A balance needs to be struck to ensure that you can always get an appointment as and when you need it for your new fur baby.

Costs and Financing

The costs alone of treatment should not be the sole reason for choosing a vet, but it should be considered. If costs are extortionate, you have to question what the money is being spent on, and if they are ridiculously low, you have to question the quality of care and best practice. You also need to look out for vets that offer financing; this can be a welcome relief if your new dog or cat should suffer an accident that leaves you facing a bill of thousands of dollars.

Last but not least, you should be thinking about the location of the vets. If it is too far away then will you be able to get there in time. You do not want to be driving across the state for an emergency.