Accompanying Pets In Your Holiday Activities

The holiday season is up, and it’s that time of the year when we make memorable moments with our family, friends, or, even better, our fur babies. Holiday activities are fun, but they will be most enjoyable when we spend them with our loved ones. Let’s not also forget to celebrate the holidays with our pets. Here’s a list of activities to enjoy during the holidays:

Go On A Vacation

It is common to go on a trip during the holidays, but don’t forget to let your pets join you. If bringing them along, always consider the place and mode of transportation when going to another city or location. If you are going to your hometown to celebrate Christmas with your family, tell them before you bring your fur baby. If traveling in a tourist spot or a public place, always ensure they are safe and happy. If concerning behaviors arise, you can reach out to the available vets in the city. If visiting northern states, you can reach out to the top vets in Chicago or any city you are going to. Either way, taking precautions and having safe travels is always better!

Holiday Pictures

In line with the vacation are taking pictures! Pictures are great for keeping memories. But it is understandable if it’s hard to have your pets cooperate with you in taking pictures. Therefore, set aside time to position your pet in front of the menorah, Christmas tree, or other seasonal decorations while holding your phone and a reward. You can also dress up as Santa Claus and photoshoot with your pets. You’ll enjoy looking back on the memories and watching them grow.

Make Holiday Treats

Food is one of the things we look forward to during Christmas. Our pets also look forward to the foods they can enjoy during the holidays. When giving food to them, just make sure it is safe for them and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like xylitol, chocolate, grapes, onions, and bones (artificial sweeteners). Along with making cookies for people, you can also make cookies that are suitable for pets. They are safe for humans, although they aren’t particularly delicious. Christmas cookies are a popular treat during this time of year, but even those without chocolate chips or raisins are far too high in fat and sugar to be beneficial for our companion animals.

Making and Giving Presents

Even your pet enjoys receiving gifts over the holidays! Allow them to attempt unwrapping a new bone, noisy toy, or bed that you loosely wrap.

You may also make homemade pet toys. To create a fun new chew toy, tie and braid old clothing or socks. Place an empty plastic water bottle inside a hose to add to the enjoyment. Just be sure to change the bottle frequently since dogs might get hurt by splinters of shattered plastic.

See Festive Displays

Others are just as excited to leave the house as their pet parents are, even though many animals prefer to spend the holiday season in the comfort of their own homes. Take your daring friend for a stroll or a drive to see all the gorgeous Christmas lights.

Who doesn’t like a good car ride? Bring your pet along if the family is on a drive to view Christmas lights. It should be a pleasant vacation as long as they drive safely. Bring a special treat for your pet if the family enjoys hot chocolate and cookies.

In the end, the memories and the pictures are what matter. Spend the additional time incorporating our animal buddies into the picture and for the photo opportunity. Both our pets and you will appreciate the snacks we provide them.