How is the UKGC linked to Online Casinos?

To high rollers like you who know how to bet, when to bet, and how to win the system, discussing regulatory bodies of online casino sites may seem slightly trivial and irrelevant. After all, if you can win no matter what, then who cares about those higher bodies?

Well, unfortunately for you, you are going to have to learn at least a little about what is so important about online casino sites and their regulatory bodies if you want to be safe and secure in your online gaming career.

For a bit of background knowledge, before we set you off, regulatory bodies act as a means to control what casino sites are allowed to do so that they are not ripping off their customers and are treating them fairly – click here. This includes checking on fair odds, secure payments, and good quality games!

What is the UKGC?

If we are beginning to talk about regulatory bodies that function on the online casino scene then we dare not mention the UKGC.

They are one of Britain, and the world’s, top regulatory bodies for online casino playing that cover sites’ needs like live casinos, online slots, betting, and online casino games.

The company came about due to the introduction of the 2005 Gambling Act which set out to create a standard of rules that casinos, online and offline, should be following. The UKGC came as a response to this act and was formed to protect users’ rights whether they be in the real casino or online.

UKGC is a contemporary regulatory body that has enacted some new obligations that slot sites need to do to keep you safe, these will come into place on the 31st of October 2021:

· A ban on features in casino games that speed up play and give false ideas that you have more control over the games than you actually do

· No slot spins of speeds faster than 2.5 seconds

· A ban on false wins, i.e. sounds and images that deceive you into thinking that you have won when you have not

· Scrapping the auto-play function that many casino games seem to have, which usually results in players unwillingly losing more cash

As you can see, the UKGC is doing a very good job at keeping small fry and big fish alike safe, whilst preventing major casino sites from doing anything naughty that could put you at detriment!

The changes that will be enacted on the 31st of October by UKGC will also include a few more handy regulations such as:

· Changes that minus some cheating systems for users, such as reverse withdraws which can allow sneaky players to play with the cash that they just withdrew from their account balance.

· Sites must display, in a clear format, a player’s losses wins, and time played during their stay on that site for one session

As you can see, the UKGC is there to protect both the sites and the customers, which is why you should certainly be playing on a UKGC moderated site!