Earning money online – is it for real?

The pandemic circumstances impacting the labor market worldwide contributed to the increased number of laid-off people. Therefore, earning money online has become a choice for millions of people these days. If you are not yet familiar with the possibilities the online world is offering in terms of money earning, here are some guidelines.

Write and publish an ebook

The Internet is an unparalleled marketplace for those inclined to research various subjects and writing. Thanks to Amazon and Kindle applications, you can make your writing available to the broader public than ever. Non-fiction books are at the top of popularity today. So, whatever your professional expertise and life experience are, you can give it a shape of an ebook and earn about 70 percent of a sale price on Kindle.

Become online tutor

With online education booming lately, online tutoring imposes itself as an unavoidable money earing option. Among the most demanded tutoring lessons are foreign languages, but also math and physical science. If you have some of this expertise combined with a passion for conveying knowledge, all you have to do is pick up the right platform specialized for online tutoring. When it comes to the amount one can earn from online tutoring, it depends on how much time one can dedicate to it. But roughly, $15-$25 per hour is something you can achieve, which is a pretty nice sum.

Trading online

Maybe it seems to you as a kind of a business activity available only to financial experts, but online trading today isn’t any more restricted to the initiated. Naturally, entering into online trading out of the blue requires a lot of precaution and preparation. For instance, if currency trading is something you find interesting, picking a good Forex broker must be your top priority. Scammers are everywhere, and online trading is not spared from that, so making sure you are on a regulated and reputable trading platform is very important.

Besides Forex, of course, you can choose from stock trading, cryptocurrency trading as well as derivative markets trading. But beware, online market trading is one of the most lucrative but not a hands-down money-making scheme. As mentioned above, good preparation is halfway to success. Make sure to practice with virtual accounts and check out the training materials on brokerage websites to grasp the specificity of a particular market.

Review websites and apps

Just browsing the internet and checking the new websites and apps can bring you extra cash. Although it’s not as profitable as online tutoring and trading, it can help you foot the bill. To review a website, verify its features, and make a report would take you some half an hour and remuneration of approx $10 depending on the user testing platform you choose.

Become a clickworker

Becoming a clickworker means you can literally make some extra cash on the go by completing no-brainer tasks like clicking, taking surveys, filling in the data. For every task completed, you instantly receive the money via PayPal. Earning is modest, but given the efforts and resources needed, this gig turns out to be attractive.

Start dropshipping business

The thing with the dropshipping business success is to find the products that are popular at the moment or some evergreen stuff of a decent quality. Once you figure out what people want to buy, create your online shop using the platforms like Shopify. The perk is no need for personal stocks of products you want to sell. All the products are shipped by your third-party supplier. You just need to send the orders. The time-consuming part of this job is to research the market and to learn the selling and marketing techniques of the platform you choose to set up your virtual shop.