Can you Cheat Slots at Brick and Mortar Casinos?

Have you ever been at your brick and mortar casino and wondered whether there is some form of cheat that you can use to ensure you hit that jackpot? There were loads of cheats in the past and we’re going to cover some of them, in addition to discussing whether they are viable in the climate of 2021 – get free spins now. Read on to find out more about:

– Shaved coins

– The Yoyo Trick

– The Magnet Hack

– Cheating on brick and mortar slots in 2021

Coin hacks

Coin operated slot machines are pretty sophisticated these days, but this wasn’t always the case. A classic example of this is what was called ‘shaved coins’ – this was where somebody would file down the edges of a coin to ensure that it would slip through the mechanisms of the slot machine whilst still triggering the spin. Another similar example is the Yoyo trick – it went something like this:

Step 1: Attach a coin to a piece of string

Step 2: Deposit the coin to initiate the slot machine

Step 3: Immediately snap the coin back and retrieve your hard-earned money!

We’ve all thought of it, but did you know that these tricks used to actually work!? Sadly, these ideas were tried and tested many decades ago, and the slot companies caught on pretty quick – alas in 2021, these will no longer work.

The Magnet Hack

Another classic example of a brick and mortar slots hack was named ‘the magnet hack’. This was when a player would pull the lever of a slot machine and use a powerful magnet to manipulate how the reels move. This could be used to ensure that the player won every single time. As you can imagine though, this did not last long. Not only did the slot machine companies cotton on to this pretty quick, but in order for the magnet to be powerful enough to work it would have to be HUGE. Let’s just say that walking into a casino with an enormous magnet is not very discrete, and anyone trying it were promptly kicked out. Let’s learn from their mistakes, eh?

Cheating in 2021

After taking a look at brick and mortar slot cheats of the past, it raises the question – is there any way to still cheat in 2021? Honestly, the answer is no – technology has come a long way since the days of mechanical slots and inside every brick and mortar slot machine is a chip containing digital technology. This technology ensures that cheats such as the Yoyo Trick, magnets and all manner of digital hacking techniques are simply not possible. However, we have to say there really isn’t any need to cheat these days – there are so many bonus rounds, free spins and other special offers that we can make more money from slot machines than ever before. So, let’s keep it kosher, and enjoy!