An Explanation of RTP in the Gambling Industry

In the gambling industry, RTP (return to player) percentage is vital. Finding the best return to play slots and casino games can help to extend your bankroll and secure more wins. Keep reading to find out more about what it means and the best RTP slots and casino games to play.

RTP meaning

RTP is the average amount of money returned to the player over a long time period. It is given as a percentage and is the opposite of the house edge. The house edge is the casino’s built-in mathematical advantage over players in a casino game.

Knowing the RTP of slot machines means you can make a more informed decision when choosing a slot. You can still have fun and secure wins when playing a lower RTP game, but your bankroll may not last as long. Your bankroll lasts longer when playing the best RTP games and when you have access to promotions, such as Play Gun Lake’s casino sign-up bonus.

RTP example

If a game has a return percentage of $96.02, it will pay out $96.02 on average for every $100 wagered. Don’t expect this to happen every time you wager $100. It’s important to remember that the percentage is based on millions of rounds or spins. Typically, sites that offer a high chance of winning have a score of no less than 94%. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning.

How to calculate RTP

It is possible to calculate RTP by dividing the win and turnover figures generated by a game. It is more complex to calculate RTP for table games like blackjack or craps. The RTP can depend on the strategies the players use and their wagers. When playing blackjack, unskilled players with a higher hand can bring down their RTP percentages. There’s a difference when playing games based largely on luck and others where skills are involved. This influences casino game outcomes.

RTP in roulette

Roulette usually has one of the best casino’s RTP percentages. Some wagers pay out wins more often than others because they are at higher risk. On the other hand, outside bets with lower odds may offer more chances for success.

American roulette has an extra wheel pocket and betting option. This increases the RTP percentage compared to European roulette. Gamblers across the world often use top finance apps for budgeting and managing their bankroll when gambling.