What Can I Do to Make My Parents’ Life Easier?

Our parents give us everything. When we’re young, and all the way into adulthood, our parents do whatever they can to give us a great life. When we grow up, we can take care of ourselves. Many of us want to give back to our parents and simplify their lives. Here are some ideas for things you can do to make your parents’ lives easier and improve their quality of life.

1. Purchase a brand-name robot vacuum.

Home tech has exploded in crazy ways over the past decade. Take advantage of some of the widely available and user-friendly appliances that automate the little things in your parents’ home. As your parents age, their range of motion and agility may not be what they once were. With a robot vacuum, they wouldn’t have to bend down or strain. Today, home robots go far beyond the ones of the past. With features like smart mapping, long battery life, and wi-fi, a robot vacuum could take care of everything for them.

NewEgg is a top online retailer for robotic vacuums and is a great place to start your search for the best robot vacuum for your family.

The most popular brand is still the iRobot Roomba, but more brands are offering more features than ever before. They can operate on both hardwood floors and carpets. Some even have incredible features like automatic dirt disposal, side brushes, multiple cleaning modes, and a high-efficiency filter. They can even clean up pet hair and dander, no matter how many square feet in your home.

You can also get one that’s tailored to your parents’ level of technological literacy. If your parents are tech-savvy, consider getting them a vacuum with a connected smartphone app and wi-fi connectivity. If your parents are more analog, buy a vacuum with a remote control or that responds to voice commands.

2. Simplify and automate what you can.


A robot vacuum is a great place to start when wondering about ways you can make your parents’ lives easier. Think of other ways you can automate household chores and generally simplify life. Make a list of your parents’ needs and consider any workarounds. If your parents have any health and wellness needs, see if you can help accommodate them in any way. If your parents don’t have any extra income, you can help them draw up a budget that works for their life. If your parents are prone to falling, think of a way to soften hard floors. Where is your parents’ primary residence in relation to yours? Having an accurate picture of what your parents need is a good place to start. See if there are any ways you can simplify day to day life. It’s amazing when you can take a daily annoyance and turn it into something you can set and forget.

3. Consider building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

According to Levi Construction, an expert in ADUs, an accessory dwelling unit could be the perfect way to accommodate a growing family or prevent loneliness in aging parents. ADUs are smaller spaces that aren’t part of the primary dwelling but are still on your property. In fact, ADUs are also referred to as “granny flats” because they have traditionally been used as a place for aging parents to live. ADUs are a great way for parents to stay close while still having their own space.

Check your state and county for any building permits that may be required. Each local government may have its own ADU ordinance. Be sure you get all the basic information and learn all state standards. For those interested in ADU Los Angeles (and those not), Levi Construction is a great resource for getting started on your detached ADU and learning about state law.

Parents devote their time to guiding us and helping us be the best people we could be. As they age, we can give back. These ideas will help you get on track to making their lives that much easier.