Top 6 Toys for 3 Year Olds 2021

Do you think it has been too long since you got a gift for your 3 year old? Well then, we have just the guide for you. If you have no idea what to get for your son or daughter, then you must take a look at the top 6 toy options for 3 year olds in 2021.

A Balance Bike

Riding a bike is one of the fondest memories of childhood. Every child must experience what it takes to ride a bike. Your three year old just might be ready to take the next step of their growth. This is the best time to introduce them to a balance bike. A balance bike is the safest option as it is the easiest to ride, and can be the best fixtures to enable smooth riding.

This bike type has a metal frame, which makes it very sturdy and comes without pedals. Your toddler can learn to balance on the bike using their feet. This will be great for their learning!

Kinetic Sand Kit

The obsession with kinetic sand is real. If you want your child to sharpen their fine motor skills, then you must definitely invest in kinetic sand. It is a great way to awaken the sensory awareness in your child as they can feel the sand in between their fingers and can press it. This toy can surely keep your kid busy for hours. An investment you won’t regret.

Wallbars Nets

Is your child trying to climb walls? If yes, the wallbars would be the perfect toy for them. Your child may be super active and a toy that demands them to sit might not be the best fit for them. This is why you must consider investing in a wallbar net and they will have all the exercise they need with it.

Play Kitchen Set

Most children are absolutely fascinated by kitchens. They watch their parents cook and work in the kitchen, only pushing them to do the same. While you cannot let your toddler play with actual kitchen utensils, you can get them their very own play kitchen set. With the toy kitchen set, they can make mock food and do everything they see adults do.


Most of us have had stuffed toys that we remember to date. It is important to have a stuffed furry friend for a child. They can think of it as a friend and carry it wherever they go.

Drawing Mat

Last but not the least, is a drawing mat. Most parents are extremely annoyed when their children write on walls, but what if they write on the floor? Get them a drawing mat and they can draw to their heart’s content without you worrying.

These toys for 3 year olds are your best options. Not only are they essential for their growth but they will also keep your child occupied while you are busy doing things around the house.