Tips On Buying The Best Baby Car Seats

Every parent wants to keep their child safe. One of the biggest areas of concern for any new parent is the car – ensuring that your little is adequately protected in the event of an accident should be one of your highest priorities. This goes beyond good driving practices – sure, you keep to the speed limit and obey traffic lights, but there’s only so much you can control on the road. Should you be involved in an accident, it’s vital to make sure ahead of time that your child is looked after.

That’s where the right baby seat comes in. By taking the time to select a safe, appropriately sized baby seat for your little one, you can radically decrease their risk of injury in the event of a collision. To help you find the right baby seat for your little one, we’ve put together this guide with a few tips and tricks to help you narrow down the field.

The Portability

Portability is one of the main factors to consider when buying a baby car seat. If you only have one car and use it daily, it can be easy to simply leave the baby seat in for as long as your little one needs it. However, if you need to frequently switch between vehicles or accommodate adult passengers, removing seats can become a hassle. So while making your final decision, make sure to analyze your preferences. Some lightweight seats are about 5kg, while other seats may be as heavy as 13kgs, without the baby’s weight! That’s why the range of Car Seats (0-8 years) at Maxi-Cosi is the ideal choice for most parents, offering a range of precision-engineered, lightweight seats for parents.

Using With A Stroller

As mentioned, think carefully about your travel habits when you’re shopping for a baby seat. If you’re a frequent walker and plan to make good use of your stroller, it can be worth purchasing a car seat compatible with a travel system. These innovative devices offer parents the ability to simply unclip the baby seat from the mounting system – with baby in it – and snap it into place on a stroller base, making it easy to move from the carpark to the shops, all without disturbing your little one’s sleep.

Be aware that these systems have downsides. Notably, these systems don’t accommodate children above 12 months, requiring the purchase of a separate baby seat down the line. Do your research, weigh up the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Space In Your Car

Australians love their SUVs, but they’re far from the only thing on the road. If you’re not lucky enough to be driving a tank, space can quickly become a consideration in the backseat – especially with multiple little ones each requiring their own seat. Space-efficient baby car seats do exist that allow you to use all three seats in a bench, but take the time to measure them against the interior of your car to ensure everyone has elbow room.

The Comfort

Ensuring the comfort of your baby is the most important thing after all. Being on a tight budget, you may decide to buy a seat that you can afford, but it may not provide the comfort level that you want to maintain for your baby. Make sure that the seat you are buying is trusted by mums and dads and provides superior comfort. Again, this comes back to research – look online, speak to other parents and ensure that you’re getting something that isn’t going to turn every day of errands into a nightmare.