Tips for Buying a Gift for Your College-Aged Daughter

Shopping for your daughter might have been a breeze when she was young and you knew she would be thrilled to have that new Bratz doll or a pair of “fancy” earrings from Claire’s. But now that she’s a college student, you might be a bit stumped about what she would like and need (especially if she’s no longer living under your roof). College students are at a weird age where they are no longer “kids,” but haven’t yet reached fully independent adulthood. So if you are utterly clueless about what to get her, then no worries! We’ve got you covered with these tips and gift ideas for your college-aged daughter.


As your daughter gets older, she will appreciate real jewelry (no more of that costume junk). Consider getting her a necklace made with lab grown diamonds and unique gemstones that are elegant, simple, and tasteful. Lab diamonds look almost exactly the natural diamond, making a gift your environmentally-conscious young adult is sure to love. The diamond industry is rife with environmental and humanitarian costs that turn many young people off. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds as both have that same indescribable sparkle. Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, just only when they are made ethically!


College life means staying up-to-date on technology and having the best products for a truly digital lifestyle. Items that make your daughter’s life simpler, easier, and more efficient are sure to be on her wish list. Aim to find electronic products that are wireless and portable so your college student can carry it with her on the go. Your college-aged daughter is probably on her mobile device nearly 24/7 so get her products that work with a mobile app or social network. An online photo storage device is a great option. Flickr, cloud storage, a hard drive, and Google photos offer limited storage capacity and uploads. Instead opt for ibi, a photo storage device that provides nearly unlimited storage of photos and videos. Ibi collects your photos and videos from the cloud and your social network accounts and then stores them in one organized place where you can access them and decide who to share your memories with.


Whether your daughter is in a dorm or apartment, she is sure to want some adult essentials to keep her place clean and sophisticated. Candles, wall art, fluffy pillows and blankets, aromatherapy diffusers, and humidifiers will keep her place cozy and smelling good. Instead of drinking out of plastic cups and eating with plastic forks, consider getting her some nice wine glasses or a cutlery set. And while you might think getting her cleaning supplies is a mundane gift choice, she will be delighted to have something useful and handy around like a portable vacuum cleaner.


As she gets older, your daughter’s skincare routine is only going to get more advanced and complex. So get her trendy skincare products like mud or green tea clay face masks, new makeup (which might be too pricey for her to afford on a college student budget), or a light, more grown-up perfume so she can finally ditch those teen body sprays. Plenty of emerging skincare and makeup companies offer starter kits to their products you can purchase.


The best way for a college student to stay organized is by having items that push them to be organized. Purses or bags with compartmentalized pockets are great for your budding adult. A day planner will help her stay on top of her busy schedule. And organizers for her drawers will be a blessing to help her sort through her things.

A folding and / or a standing desk

Standing desks are incredibly good for your health. A standing desk allows you to stand comfortably while you work. When you’re in school, it’s worse than a real job. You must study for very long hours, write papers for midterms and finals and more. So do your favorite daughter a favor and buy her a standing desk. Why? Standing lowers your likelihood of becoming overweight, may lower your blood pressure, will lower your risk of heart disease and reduce your back pain. Also, they’re fairly affordable. Here’s a good list to start your online research for your daughter’s next desk.