The Plus Side of IVF: The Five Benefits of Infertility Treatment

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If becoming a parent is you and your partner’s heart’s greatest desire, you’ll do whatever you can to make this dream come true. Perhaps you’ve already explored numerous avenues and are wondering where to turn next.

Despite in vitro fertilisation being expensive and involving some complex procedures which carry potential risks, this could be your answer. Couples battling with infertility may not realise how IVF can benefit them and increase their chances of being one step closer to conception & childbirth. Here are five ways in which IVF can help you.


Open to Many

In normal conception, a mother grows her baby. IVF allows gestational carriers or surrogate mothers to be part of the process if, for various reasons, the biological mother is physically unable to carry a baby.

The bonus? More people are involved in the pregnancy and labour journey, so a couple receives additional support & a shared experience.

Donors Help

While IVF can use you and your partners’ eggs & sperm for an IVF cycle, some cases may require a donor. IVF makes donated eggs and sperm a possibility. By manually fertilising an egg in a clinic, a fertility specialist uses a viable embryo that’s formed.

The result? Your chances of becoming pregnant increase not only now but in the future too. In fact, fertility research has revealed that women who have conceived their first child via IVF have a good chance of conceiving a second child in the same way.

Reduced Miscarriage

When undergoing IVF treatment your specialist will take extra care to monitor for any signs of genetic abnormalities which could lead to miscarriage. The genetic viability of your embryo can be determined in advance, via preimplantation genetic testing, which increases your chances of having a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Improved Conception

By combining IVF and preimplantation genetic testing, your chances of conceiving will greatly improve. The advantage? Even multiple IVF cycles can be undertaken to ensure fertilisation is optimised and results in effective conception.

Success Rate

IVF is often the last resort for couples when it could actually be the perfect starting point. The IVF treatment success rate for women under the age of 35 is 32.2%. Even though the statistics are rather low, IVF can be more successful than other infertility treatments.

You may spend a large amount on fertility medicine, intrauterine insemination or other means, but if your infertility diagnosis is best treated through IVF, pursue it if you have the means to afford it.

If this is not a financially viable possibility for you right now, the plus side is you can control when you and your partner would like to begin the journey. You can preserve your eggs or embryos for future IVF use when you’re both ready.


Whether you’re looking for specialist IVF South Africa treatment options or exploring what fertility doctors in Australia can offer, it’s worth considering. With its many benefits, this option could make parenthood your reality.