Simple Steps to Take Better Travel Videos

Everyone who travels regularly and makes travel videos, he wants them to be more attractive and worth seeing. But most of the beginners wonder how to make travel videos. Most of the people are super lazy when it comes to video making and video editing. We are here to provide you with some easy steps to make them more attractive.

Most of the people are lazy in video making and video editing because of their long-neglected YouTube channel. First, they make them, and then they edit them if they know to edit. They make many videos, and still, their channel doesn’t grow on YouTube, and they don’t get enough audience. Most of the people raise their video by hiring a video editor. People travel to a new place, make photos. They have many hard drives full of footage and shots. But they find this process overwhelming. People often ask should we make hero type, vlogging or cinematography. Which kind of travel video will attract a big audience? I have the answer. In this article, I will tell you the best tips to make the best travel videos while going to a new place. These steps are given below:

Watch more travel videos

Learning is a process that never ends. A man’s experience is learning throughout his life. As I am a writer, so reading is as much essential for me too as writing. Reading boosts up my skills and confidence. The same thing applies to every process. If you have become an expert in a specific field, still you will learn more from your life experiences. For example, if you are a professional in making pizza, I guarantee you that you will learn more about pizza recipes and taste. If a blogger doesn’t read blogs, how will he keep himself up to date in the industry?


Watching them can be very helpful for you to take the best travel videos and edit them. Watching them gave you an idea about the new trends and inspired you about new video styles. But you should not copy others. You can take an idea from another’s video and make it in your form through new editing trends. Some people say that it is a time taking task and can be annoying, but it gives you new ideas, and it is not bad at all.

Plan your videos before travelling

A big mistake many people make while going to a place and making them is that they don’t plan them before the visit to that place. They catch random stuff in their camera or mobile. Then these people think that they will inspire during editing and magically put some fantastic footage and shots in their video. That is wrong. If you want to be a good video maker and want your travel videos to be more charming, then you have to plan them before travelling. You have to expect that you will speak in them or capture some unique shots. Will you make your video cinematic or feature snippets of different places? This type of planning matters.

Your kit doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter what is in your bag and what type of equipment you need to make the best video. You only need a DSLR or a mobile phone with a good camera. Things like GoPro, drone, gimbal, filters, tripod, and stabilizer are not necessary for a person or a beginner to make them.

If you have a camera, then it’s okay, but if you don’t have any camera, your smartphone will be your best partner. You have to keep in mind that your smartphone is the most expensive camera in the world and then start making videos.

It would help if you remembered that old-time photography when there were no better cameras with excellent results. At that time people made some outstanding and fantastic videos. Suppose you saw an awesome scene and you want to capture it. First, you will take your camera from the bag, and then you will turn it on and then capture the scene. But you can catch this awesome scene on your smartphone in some seconds.

So, don’t take with yourself a lot of heavy and useless video stuff, especially at the beginning. It is only your phone that can do the job.

Use apps for edit

It is an essential process in the whole journey of making the best travel videos. There are many apps on the internet that can help you do the best edit of your video. These apps include free ones like iMovie (cool, but essential) and Filmora to paid apps like FinalCut and subscription-based apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects. These paid and subscription-based apps are great but can be confusing for the beginners in making travel videos.

In my opinion, the best and free app for editing videos is Filmora. This app gives you several video styles guiding for the entire editing process. It also provides you with video LUTs (like presets, but for videos), music, transitions, and more.

These are some essential tips to make the best travel videos of the places you love the most. These tips will be beneficial for you to attract a higher number of audience.