How to Rediscover Your Style as a Mum

When you become a mum, looking good falls way down on your list of priorities. When you’ve got little ones depending on you to look after their every need, it’s easy to start neglecting your appearance and going for comfort over fashion. However, children are going to need you no matter their age, so now is a better time than any to rediscover your style as a mum and start to feel good about yourself. If you aren’t sure where to start because even your handbag is still a changing bag, here are some tips.

Accept Your New Shape

Yes, you may have been used to a toned figure and a small waist before you entered parenthood, but carrying a baby and giving birth is going to change your body in more ways than one. Unfortunately, unless you spend countless hours at the gym, you aren’t likely to fit back into that little black dress you’ve got saved at the back of your wardrobe. Instead, you need to embrace your new body shape, curves and all. Your new shape may be apple, pear, hourglass, or plus size, but there is plenty of clothing out there to suit your body at sites like Froxx.

Give Your Wardrobe an Overhaul

After realising that your new shape is the new you, it’s time to get rid of anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit. Rather than hanging on to it ‘just in case’, bag it all up, donate it to charity and make some room for stylish clothes that suit your new lifestyle. Constantly sifting through old, smaller clothes just to try and find something to wear of a morning can bring your mood down and negatively impact your efforts to embrace your new shape. Instead, fill your wardrobe with items that not only look good but make you feel good too.

Treat Yourself to New Underwear

Treating yourself to new clothes can make anyone feel better in themselves, but don’t forget your underwear drawer! You no doubt invested in comfortable oversized knickers for use throughout your pregnancy, and they’ve more than likely faded in colour over time. As well as this, your bras are probably still nursing bras and your socks are all mismatched from having zero time to sort the laundry. If you really want the best start in rediscovering your style as a mum, you need to overhaul everything, which could mean treating yourself to some sexy lingerie and getting fitted for it properly. No more frumpy-looking mum bras!

Don’t Feel Guilty About it!

Last of all, the best piece of advice would be to try not to feel guilty about spending money on yourself and reinventing your style. Never underestimate the impact a well put together outfit can have on your confidence, and as a mum, you may have begun to lack in it. Looking good will make you feel good, and having a high sense of self-worth will show on the outside, and set a good example for your children.

Do you have any advice for mums looking to get back their mojo? Let us know.