How To Keep Your House Clean Daily

If you don’t want to spend your weekends cleaning your home from top to bottom, it’s well worth trying to keep your house clean, by cleaning your home on a daily basis.

How to Keep Your House Clean Daily:

1. Use a lint roller to keep your sofa clean

Instead of having to vacuum clean your sofa on a daily basis, simply use a lint roller to remove any unwanted fluff and hair from your sofa.

2. Purchase a dust buster or a lightweight portable vacuum cleaner

While you probably can’t be bothered to vacuum your entire home on a daily basis, it’s definitely worth considering using a small, hand-held dustbuster or a lightweight portable vacuum cleaner to vacuum the areas of your home which receive a lot of foot traffic, each day. As an example, it’s well worth vacuuming your kitchen floor and the area around your kitchen table, each day.

3. Use an anti-bacterial spray to get rid of bacteria

It’s well worth using an anti-bacterial spray to get rid of any bacteria which may be present in your home. As examples, it’s well worth spraying the outside of your rubbish bins as well as your sofa and bathroom. If you own a pet such as a dog, it’s also worth spraying their bedding with your anti-bacterial spray.

4. Invest in a dishwasher, if you don’t already own one

While a dishwasher may be an expensive investment, once you own a dishwasher, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. If you purchase a dishwasher you’ll be able to complete other chores such as vacuuming cleaning and mopping your kitchen floors, while your dishes are being thoroughly cleaned.

5. Give each member of your household a chore to complete per day

If keeping your home clean on your own, seems like to much work, it’s well worth delegating one cleaning task per day to each member of your household. As an example, if you have three people in your household, one could load and empty your dishwasher, while another could wash your shower and the remaining member of your household could be assigned vacuuming duty. If you all work together as a household, your home will be kept spick and span, with minimal effort.

6. Keep a multi-purpose cleaning spray within easy reach

You can use a multi purpose cleaner spray to wipe fingerprints off your fridge, to clean your kitchen’s countertops and to clean your windows. So it’s well worth making sure that you have a bottle of your favorite multi-purpose cleaning spray on hand. As if you run out of cleaning spray, you’re highly unlikely to pop down to the shops to restock, for a few days.

7. Keep any furry or fluffy pets confined to one or two rooms in your house

If you are a proud cat or dog owner, it may be tempting to let your furry friend enjoy free reign over your home. However, if you don’t want to spend 30 minutes a day trying to vacuum up their hair, you may want to confine your pet to a few areas of your home such as the lounge and laundry, by keeping your bathroom and bedroom doors shut.

So if you love the feeling of returning home to a clean house each day, it’s well worth using the 7 cleaning tips listed above, on a daily basis.