How to Help Your Whole Family Live Greener

Living greener is a great way for a family to live healthier and for less. By living green, you teach your children about how to live with the world. You teach them the value of hard work, the importance of earth’s natural systems, and how to live well on a budget.

We all need to work to live greener to preserve the future for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We need to work towards cleaning our cities and reducing our waste, getting plastic out of our oceans and pollution our of our skies.

Every little step forward makes a difference, and teaching your children to live greener through guidance and action can prepare the next generation for a stunning future:

Lower Your Consumption

The first way to save money and live a greener life is to stop buying things you don’t need. These items can be as small as a coffee you picked up on the way to work instead of bringing one from home. It could be as big and difficult as not buying any clothes for the month.

By making it a personal challenge, you can help reset how you buy and what you buy, and save up for the next step.

Improve Your Buying Habits

When you do buy, you should only do so when you actually need something. Similarly, you should aim to add barriers to stop compulsion buys. Instead of buying something the moment you see it, leave it, and if it is worth coming back to a day or two later, you can buy it.

You could also change from new to second-hand, allowing you to buy better for less for everything from clothes to furniture, to jewelry. For most things, a thrift store or market is a good choice, but for jewelry, you will want to stick with professional sellers like who have authenticated, cleaned, and even refurbished second-hand jewelry for you.

Learn the Old Way of Doing Things

Learn the old way of doing things. Instead of solely relying on store-bought products, make your own from scratch. These activities are fun to do with your family every once in a while, will help you teach your kids key skills, and above all else, are a green, budget-friendly way to live.

If you want to do it more often, you can even spare yourself the hassle by making big batches and learning how to can items so that they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Make Easy Switches for the Home

Finally, there are so many easy switches you can make simply by researching the options out there, from changing your shampoo to bar shampoo, to looking for a sustainable toilet paper option or bidet. There are plenty of green alternatives to everything disposable around your home, so find the best one for you and your family. The switches don’t need to be all at once, either, and you should not throw out something that isn’t green just because it isn’t green. Use what you have until it is done, and then replace it with a greener alternative.