How Much Do You Know about Protecting Your Child from the Sun?

Fifteen years ago, I worked in the sun protection industry, which gave me a lot of valuable knowledge and expertise for my venture into the sun protection apparel industry. My children have all grown, but my newest grandchild has motivated me to drive home the importance of protecting little ones from the sun’s harmful rays to anyone who will listen (and that should be everyone)!

How much do you already know about protecting your child from the sun? Take this fun, short quiz, and we’ll find out.

  1. What’s your current view about sun protection and children?
  2. As long as I greased ’em up first with 50 SPF sunscreen, my kids can run around nigh-on-naked in the sun all day with no worries.
  3. In the sun, I keep my kids wrapped up like little mummies.
  4. I don’t let my children outside during the day in the summer. I’m not taking any chances with UV rays.
  5. I take realistic elements of answers A, B, and C into consideration, for a more moderate but comprehensive approach.

Best answer: D

You don’t have to wrap your kids up like mummies or keep them inside, but it’s important to remember that sunscreen alone may not provide complete protection; it’s just one part of a comprehensive sun protection strategy. To minimize sunburn risk, you should also have your kids wear sun-protective clothing, seek shade during peak sun hours, and use hats and sunglasses.

  1. Why is it so important to take proactive measures to protect your little ones from UV rays?
  2. It’s not. I got tons of sunburns as a kid and I’m fine.
  3. Sunburned skin causes wrinkles and premature aging.
  4. Sunburns are painful; I don’t want my babies to get hurt.
  5. Sunburns during childhood can increase the risk of skin cancer later in life.

Best answer: D

Okay, sunburns are painful and bad for your skin’s appearance long-term, but the greatest worry by far is the risk of skin cancer later in life. And if you DID answer ‘A’ . . . please see a dermatologist regularly.

  1. How often do you apply sunscreen to your children?
  2. I slather it on and let them go. As long as you use a high-SPF, it lasts all day.
  3. I don’t worry about reapplying it unless they’ve been in the water.
  4. I douse them every 30 minutes. You can’t be too careful!
  5. My rule of thumb is about every two hours, but especially if they’ve been swimming or are sweating a lot.
Best answer: D (Are you sensing a pattern?)
Reapply sunscreen regularly, but you don’t have to go crazy (answer C). Choose sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB and a high SPF factor.

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