Gifts you should buy for your best friend’s wedding


Weddings are a time of celebration; they are all about celebrating the couple who is tying the knot. Everything needs to revolve around them and what they want. Now, if you are a best friend of the soon-to-be-bride, it is your moral duty to do things your friend loves the most. It’s your job to make her feel special. You need to set aside other things and focus your attention and affection on her.

What could be a better way of showing affection than gifting her stuff she would love and enjoy. As it is your best friend’s wedding, you can get her any of the following sweet things to show how special she is to you and to honor your friendship with her.

Get her a photo album:

Usually, lots of nostalgia rushes in during the wedding days. Because life changes after the marriage and adulthood responsibilities start; hence it is the right time to celebrate your friendship. Dig into your hard drive and search the cloud for your old college and school pictures. Ask friends and family to send photos of the bride’s childhood, birthdays, and other life milestones. Put it all in an album, add anecdotes you heard from her parents, siblings, and other friends. Finish it off by adding pictures of her soon-to-be-husband and her.

It will be lovely, thoughtful, and something she could show to her children. In words of Rachel and Monica from FRIENDS show, “it is the end of an era,” it deserves to be immortalized, what another way than a photo album.

Get her a lovely nighty:

Even if there is a bachelorette party or a hen party, you can do a sleepover just a couple of nights before the wedding. Since she will be nervous and jittery due to her big day, so being with close friends will help her overcome it. You can also get her some pretty silk nightwear, something chic and trendy. It will be an excellent replacement for her current nightwear, which probably is some old pajamas and a worn-out t-shirt.

This gift will also be something comfortable and romantic to wear after the wedding around her husband. You can couple the nightwear with a customized bathrobe and a box of toiletries. These small presents will make her feel loved.

Get her Polaroid Camera:

Now, if your friend is going off to a honeymoon right after the wedding, a camera will be a perfect gift. With phone cameras, everyone has drives full of pictures, but very few ever get developed. Honeymoon is a precious time, and it needs to be preserved. Get her a polaroid camera and a box of instant film paper. She can take couple-photos and pictures of the place they are visiting. There will be no chance of those memories getting lost by getting deleted from the memory card or the hassle of getting the photos printed out later on. All the memories will be saved instantly on a polaroid film.

Personalized jewelry:

Wedding is the event where giving jewelry is not only appreciated but encouraged. Receiving any sort of jewelry will make her happy; however, if you add some more thoughts to it, it can become a souvenir.

You can give her wristwatch and have her favorite quotation carved at the back. Give her necklace with coordinates of her hometown on it. A bracelet with date or day she holds important. There are many more options and variables you can take your pick, which would suit your friend best. Make sure the jewelry is made out of metal that lasts longer and doesn’t discolor easily.

Get her something romantic:

If your friend is a hopeless romantic, get her couple gifts. You can gift her matching coffee mugs, t-shirts, bathrobes with something like “Mr & Mrs”, “Husband & Wife”, or name of the bride and groom printed on them. You can even give her a personalized wine holder.

If you want to get her something fun, a caricature of the couple will do the job, make it big and put it in a funky wooden frame. If your friend and her finance are people who like tattoos, get them a voucher for twin tattoos. You can get wooden figurines of the couple; she will love something cute and unique like that.


Even though these days, there are wedding registers where the list of gifts the couple would like to receive is given. However, being her best friend, you can go overboard here. You probably know all her habits and hobbies. If she is a bookworm, you can gift her a romance classics book set; they come in beautiful cloth-bound covers, which will also be the perfect thing to display in her new home. Get her a voucher for a spa day or basket full of spa creams and lotions, something to pamper her. Nevertheless, gits are not about how much money you spend on them but how much thought you have put in them. It’s the thought behind a gift that makes it special.