6 Reasons to Hire a Jumping Castle for Children’s Parties

Looking to add lots of fun and a touch of whimsy to your next children’s party? Why not call in a jumping castle hire Perth company today? Monsterball Amusements & Hire, for example, is a well-known bouncy castle supplier in the city, and they offer a range of jumping castles and other inflatable recreational equipment.

Jumping castles are a sure-fire way of getting your children and their guests excited and engaged. They promise hours of fun and entertainment for a relatively low rental price, and they’re sure to give your party that instant wow factor. Below are 6 reasons why you should consider hiring a jumping castle.

Jumping Castles are Great Fun

Towering and vibrantly coloured, jumping castles are sure to get any child excited! They come in an assortment options suitable for different age groups, from toddlers to pre-teens. Some of them even feature beloved and well-recognised characters from your child’s favourite films and television shows, adding to their appeal. Your child will surely enjoy being one of the princesses in a Disney jumping castle, or bouncing around with SpongeBob and his undersea friends in his very own Bikini Bottom jumping castle!

They’re Safe for the Littles

With an inflatable jumping castle, every landing is a soft one. Well-regarded companies that rent out jumping castles typically also offer supervision services along with their equipment for a small additional fee. This means you can always have someone watching the kiddies whilst you entertain other guests.

Themed Jumping Castles Add a Personalised Touch

One of the easiest ways to make a party memorable is by having it revolve around a certain theme. It shows that you pay attention to your child’s preferences and interests! Personalise your child’s party with food, decorations, and party favours featuring their favourite cartoon or game character for a shindig they will be raving about for weeks after. Go the extra mile by contacting a good jumping castle hire Perth company whose products suit your theme for an inflatable wonderland your kids are sure to love.

They Help Your Child Make Friends

One of the main benefits of giving your child some playground time with other kids their age is socialisation. In a shared playground, children learn how to have mutual respect for each other and learn how to follow basic social etiquette rules, such as waiting their turn and sharing their playthings. Choose a jumping castle that provides plenty of opportunities for children to get to know each other, play games together, and cooperate towards shared goals.

Jumping Castles Encourage Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity are important for growing children since they promote the growth of stronger bones and muscles, in addition to releasing “happiness” hormones called endorphins. With a for-hire jumping castle, kids can leap and bounce around to their heart’s content. Some of the benefits of rebounding exercises are improved coordination, balance and posture, enhanced lymphatic circulation, and better metabolism.

They’re Also Great for Adults

Who says that only children are allowed to have all the bouncy fun? Certain inflatable playground setups are suitable for big kids and the kids-at-heart, too! Check with your local jumping castle supplier if they have any products in their line-up that can accommodate adults so that everyone can get in on the excitement, too.

Monsterball Amusements & Hire is Perth’s leading supplier of bouncy castles and other inflatable amusement equipment. They cater to a wide variety of events, from backyard birthday parties to large-scale corporate gatherings! Monsterball makes sure that your safety is one of their top priorities. Along with full WorkSafe registration, every piece of equipment they rent out is subject to annual inspections by a reputable engineer. Have the celebration your kids have always dreamed of and contact them today!

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