5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

There are some people that seem to make the clothes last forever. Believe it or not, there are people over 60 out there who have the same clothes they’ve had since they were 20. So, what is their secret anyway? The truth is that making your clothes last longer comes down to good habits. Here are some of the best tips for stretching the lifespan of your favorite pieces of clothing

Don’t Skimp on Quality

A lot of people go for quantity over quality, and unfortunately, it results in their clothes failing to stand the test of time. Instead of opting for cheaper clothing, try to go for quality brands that are made from solid materials. Even though it may seem like a better deal at the time, the truth is that when you have to replace your garments once or even several times a year, it will wind up costing you much more in the long run. You’re always better off spending extra for something that you won’t have to replace— potentially ever.

Know Your Wash Cycles

Some people make the mistake of assuming that laundry cycles are made for any type of clothing. The truth is that some clothes should only be washed at certain temperatures. Washing some garments on an extra hot wash can lead to your clothes getting destroyed in no time. Make sure that you know your wash cycles, and which ones are appropriate for what types of clothing. Above all, know when something can only be dry cleaned. If you put something in the wash that is dry clean only, you’ll regret it.

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out

One old but effective trick is washing your clothes inside out. When you wash them from the inside out it will preserve their color, and prevent fading, or peeling of certain materials. This is especially important for darker clothing, like jeans.

Only Use Your Dryer When Necessary

You get it, your dryer is incredibly convenient for drying clothes quickly. However, if it’s sunny outside, you’re much better off drying your clothes in the sunlight. Not only will you save yourself money on your electricity bill, but your clothes will last much longer. The high heat breaks down the elasticity of your clothing, and can even shrink it. Consider investing in a special drying rack to put outside, or simply hang up a clothesline in your yard.

Apply Stain Remover Immediately

If you spill something on your clothes, don’t let it sit there. It’s important that you treat stains with a stain remover as early as possible so that it doesn’t remain stained. If you treat a stain with a stain remover and find that the stain is still there after being washed in the washing machine, wash it again rather than dry it. Drying the clothing with the fresh stain will cause the stain to stay.