5 Tips for Hiking with Children

There are plenty of ways that kids can enjoy while indoors. One of them is by having indoor soft play equipment for the home. There are blocks, slides, steps, and other soft play equipment to use inside the house so children remain active. However, it is also suitable for them to try some outdoor activities once in a while. It will allow them to explore nature and learn new things. Hiking is one of the activities to try.

You can go hiking with the entire family, even with little kids. It requires planning and a lot of patience, but it will be worth it. You can bond together, stay physically active, and the kids will also experience something new. If this is your first time doing it with the children, here are some tips to make it enjoyable and safe.

Choose a short trail and one close to home

Search for hiking trails that are near your place so that travel time will not be too long. Most kids don’t like long drives. They can get bored, and they will no longer be in the mood for the hike once you reach your destination. Since it’s their first time, a short trail will also be ideal, so they don’t have to walk too far. Choose one that will lead you to a gorgeous view, so they will love what they will see.

Brief everyone before the hike

Have a family meeting and tell them what they need to remember for the hike. Give them an easy-to-read trail map, and show them where you will go. Each member should have a whistle. Teach kids how to use it, especially if they accidentally get separated from the group. You don’t want that to happen, but you also want them to be prepared if it does. Remind them to ensure that they keep close to the group and not stray away.

Bring plenty of snacks and refreshments

Kids can get hungry and thirsty with all the walking and moving around. Hungry little ones can get cranky, and it can lead to a meltdown. Take breaks and let them eat and drink to fuel up. It will keep them energised throughout the hike, and everyone will be happy.

Layer up and wear comfortable footwear

Comfortable clothes and footwear are essential so that the children can move freely and with ease. Let them wear layers of clothes to keep them warm if it’s chilly. Then, if it gets hot, you can easily remove the layers to let them feel cooler.

Let kids take their time

Take your time and follow their pace. Children are naturally curious. Allow them to explore their surroundings and discover things. But, again, remind them to still stay close to the group. Keep an eye on them to make sure that they do not go too far. A buddy system is also an excellent idea. Pair one member of the family with another so they can look out for each other.

Make the first hiking experience of your children fun and memorable by following these tips. Aside from the safety measures mentioned, bring a first aid kit too. It’s better to be ready for unforeseen circumstances.