5 Ideas for an Amazing Staycation With Your Kids

For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives in ways we could have never anticipated. Our kids are at the house 24/7, we’re trying to adapt to working from home, and any future vacation plans have been put on hold indefinitely.

During times of stress such as these, it’s more important than usual to take a step back and allow yourself to rest. Of course, these days that means planning a staycation! But how do you keep your family entertained enough to enjoy a staycation that literally involves not leaving your own home?

Camp in Your Own Backyard

If you have space in your backyard, set up camp! As we’re nearing warmer weather, your kids will be antsier and antsier to get outside. Unfortunately, camping in a state park may not be an option for a while. Instead, set up your fire ring, bust out the s’mores making materials, and camp at home!

If tents aren’t your style, there’s nothing wrong with using your family’s camper. And, as any RV owner will tell you, RV camping can be more fun than tent camping ever could be. Just make sure that you have the best RV extended warranty available. After all, young children can be tough on even the sturdiest RV. So as a responsible RV owner, it’s important to keep your property protected, just in case.

A Day at the Beach, at Home

What kid doesn’t love the beach? Unfortunately, getting to the coast is a tricky proposition at the moment. Instead, have a beach day at home! Set up a kinetic sand table for your kids and have them build sandcastles inside or on the porch.

Or, if you have a backyard pool, turn your yard into a seaside escape! Make a picnic to share with your family near the pool area and set up an umbrella. With excellent removable fencing for pools available, it’s never been easier to make a day in your won backyard a safe and fun alternative to a day at the beach. You can even keep this up year-round by installing solar heating and extending your pool season.

Explore Museums from Your Couch

In response to the global pandemic, many museums have closed down for the foreseeable future. However, there’s never been an easier time to bring some art into your children’s lives! In an effort to entertain the self-quarantined of the world, museums from around the world have put their collections online. The Google Arts & Culture collection now includes the British Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Pergamon. Now you can take your kids to world-class museums without ever leaving your couch!

Take in a Show

Just as museums have made a concerted effort to provide free resources to the world, so have theaters and opera houses! Beginning April 2nd, the National Theatre in London will be offering a service called “National Theatre at Home” which will make its YouTube channel free.

Introduce your kids to plays like Treasure Island or Jane Eyre without leaving your home. Broadway has also come together to offer streaming theater. Broadway HD is now offering a weeklong free trial. You never know! Maybe this quarantine will inspire a life-long love of theater in your little ones.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

If streaming services fail to excite your little ones, you can always fall back on a reliable source of entertainment: a treasure hunt. First, design a map of your house and backyard. You can make it look like a real treasure map by staining the paper with tea! Then, scatter clues around your home for your children to follow. Once they’ve solved the map, you can decide what treasure they’ve won. An old favorite that’s always sure to please is an ice cream sundae party as a reward.

Staying at home can be a drag for everyone in the family. Not being able to see friends can be especially tough on little ones. However, with some of these fun tips, you’re sure to have the best staycation possible while forming some meaningful, life-long memories.