4 Ways to Enjoy Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone is nothing that anyone should be ashamed of. In fact, many psychologists believe that your ability to spend time alone is a direct reflection of your overall happiness. People who don’t like being alone in their own company may suffer from anxiety and even struggle with self-esteem. Spending time by yourself doesn’t just give you time to reflect and come up with original ideas, it can actually be fun.

If you’re someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time alone, then you might want to consider some of the benefits it can provide. Take a look at some of the best ways to spend time by yourself, and why it can be a wonderful thing.

Playing Music

You don’t need an audience to play music! Enjoying playing your guitar in the comfort of your bedroom with no one there to listen to you is a wonderful way to let loose without fear of being judged, or making a mistake. Some of the best musicians are the ones that spent hours practicing by themselves perfecting their sounds. Regardless of whether you’re a novice musician or more experienced, playing music alone may allow you to be more self-expressive than you would be in the presence of others.


Reading can be difficult when there are other people and sounds around you pulling out a book and enjoying losing yourself in a story is often better enjoyed in your own company. There’s no one and nothing to distract you, and as such you’re allowed to escape into an alternate dimension of wherever your book takes you.


Meditating is a wonderful opportunity to get in tune with your inner self, and tune out the rest of the world around you. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or mysterious, either. It’s often simply a matter of closing your eyes and allowing silence and stillness to take over your body. Many believe that in silence sits the secrets of the universe. Whether you simply focus on your breath, or you use a guided meditation you find online, there are plenty of benefits to taking some time for self-reflection through meditation.


People with busy lifestyles often are moving so many miles a minute that they forget the joy that taking a nap can provide. If you have an opportunity to spend some time alone, why not find a comfortable place like a hammock or couch, and enjoy a wonderful nap all to yourself. There’s nothing shameful about taking a break from your busy day, and getting some rest! What better way to spend time by yourself than giving yourself the gift of self-care through sleep?