4 Tips For First Time Dog Parents

Bringing a new dog into your family’s life is not a small event. Not only are you introducing a new roommate into your household, but you’re in for a strong bond that is unique like no other. Before getting too excited, however, it’s important to remember that there is a considerable amount of work involved with a dog.

In order to keep your dog happy and healthy, you’ll need to practice the right habits. While not all dogs are the same, their basic needs are. Take a look at some of the best tips for success as a first-time dog owner.

Start Training Early

Behavioral problems are a learned habit. It’s important that you start training good behavior as early as possible. Reinforcing good habits from the very beginning will avoid stress later on. Dogs who aren’t given consistency from early on may develop habits that range from irritating to dangerous. The last thing you want to have to worry about is them biting a stranger.

As soon as your dog gets home, it’s important to enforce boundaries and stay consistent with them.

Get A Collar and Leash

Dogs require a lot of exercise in order to burn off all of their energy. However, you can’t trust them to follow you without the help of a leash and collar. Some owners are able to successfully train their pooches to follow them without the need for a leash; however, many places have strict leash laws. You’re better off being on the safe side.

It’s important that you choose a collar and leash that fits properly and won’t cause discomfort. Your two fingers should be able to fit comfortably between their neck and the collar to ensure that they can breathe properly.

Get a Crate

Crate training is the most reliable method for house training your dog. The purpose of a crate is to teach a dog how to hold off going to the bathroom since they won’t do their business in a confined space. A crate should be big enough that they can stand up and turn around, but not large enough that they have a large enough corner to pee on.

Be careful about what you keep in the crate since puppies can chew through toys and swallow them, damaging their stomachs. Most importantly, your crate should not be used for punishment. It’s a place where your dog should feel safe and at ease.

Play With Your Dog

If you were under the impression that dogs could ve left to their own devices the same as their feline friends, then think again. Dogs need an enormous amount of attention to get their needs met.

Make sure that you play with your dog at least 20 minutes to an hour a day, depending on the breed. You’ll be happier, and so will they!