4 Bad Reasons To Get Married to Someone

Over the last twenty years, divorce has become more common than ever. Approximately fifteen percent of marriages all over the world end in divorce. Although there’s certainly a possibility for your marriage working out, there’s also a possibility you may not have the happily ever after you hope for. The best chance you have at making a marriage work is to make sure that you get married to someone for the right reasons.

Marriage can be a potentially wonderful thing if you manage to do it with the right person. However, it can end in a nasty divorce if you get married to the wrong person. Take a look at some of the worst reasons why you should get married to someone.


Attraction is certainly an important part of happiness with someone. Regardless of how much you might love someone on the inside, you do need a certain amount of physical desire. However, a marriage based on attraction alone won’t last very long.

Our bodies degrade over time, so when the person you’re so attracted to one day becomes older and less attractive than they once were before, how do you expect to stay interested? It’s important to ask yourself how much looks are determining the choice you’ve made in a partner.

Your Age


Many people see their friends and family members getting married and assume that they need to get married too. However, feeling left out isn’t a good reason to get married to someone. Don’t rush to the altar just so you can match the same timeline as your friends and family. Not everyone gets married at the same point in life. There’s no time stamp attached to happiness. You’ll meet the right person when you meet them, and you can’t control when.

Rebound Relationship

It’s not uncommon for couples who have gone through a nasty breakup to suddenly find themselves in a new relationship very quickly. Known as a “rebound relationship,” it can often lead to irrational decisions— like getting married quickly.

Sadly, rebound relationships usually end in breakups down the road. Make sure that you don’t get married too quickly after a breakup. Otherwise, you could find yourself very unhappy after no time. Marriage requires time and truly knowing someone.


Once upon a time, people believed that if you got pregnant in a relationship that you needed to get married. Unfortunately, in today’s modern age, getting married for the kids is no longer relevant. In fact, some studies suggest that the kids will be much happier with two unmarried parents rather than two parents who got married out of pure obligation.

The chances of divorce are too high when you only get married for the kids instead of love. You’re better off having an unconventional relationship and focusing on being the best parents possible.