3 Things To Do If You Witness A Hit and Run

While getting in a car accident is always a scary situation, seeing a car accident take place can also be scary. One thing that can make this situation even more intense is if the type of accident you witness is a hit and run.

When a hit and run takes place, you might feel like there’s nothing you can do to help. However, by preparing for the situation before you ever find yourself in it, you can help the victim of any hit and run that you may witness.

To show you how, here are three things you should do if you witness a hit and run.

Report It To The Police

Just like with any other car accident, one of the first things you should do when you witness a hit and run is to report it to the police.

According to Emily Delbridge, a contributor to The Balance, any details you can give the police will help. This can include things like a description of the vehicle, a description of the driver, any damage you witnessed during the accident, when and where the accident took place, and more. If you’re able, you may also want to snap any photos you can for future reference.

Look For Other Witnesses

At times, the police and insurance companies are going to want more than one person’s testimony in order to move forward with a hit and run case. In situations like this, it can be beneficial to seek out other witnesses of the event.

If there are other witnesses, Julia Eddington, a contributor to Credit.com, recommends that you approach them for their story of what they saw happen. Additionally, you should also ask for their contact information so you or the authorities can reach back out to them if more information is needed.

Write A Note For The Car Owner

In addition to informing the police of a hit and run that you saw take place, you should also help out the driver who was the victim of this crime by leaving a note on his or her vehicle if the car was hit while unattended.

As a part of this note, Josh Ocampo, a contributor to LifeHacker.com, shares that you should write down as much information as you can remember about the accident. Along with this, it can also be helpful to leave your own contact information so either the victim or the police can contact you with any future questions or clarifications.

To help you be prepared for the chance that you’ll ever witness a hit and run in your lifetime, consider taking the tips mentioned above to heart so that you’ll know what to do in this type of situation.