Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working For You


It’s safe to say that without social media marketing, most companies would be stuck with low lead numbers, decreased brand recognition, and a lack of sales. But what if you’ve joined all of the top social networking sites, but haven’t seen much engagement from your community?

If you’re having issues getting customers to engage or interact, you’re not alone. Getting social media marketing right the first time around isn’t always easy or straight-forward.

Here’s why social media marketing isn’t working for you and what you can do to make this form of marketing as effective and useful as possible.

Content Isn’t Meaningful

Posting meaningless content is as useful as buying followers that turn out to be bot accounts! Cute pet videos and funny memes are expected on social media, and they do grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling.

Social media marketing is all about posting content that is advantageous for you and your followers. Content should be shared in hopes that it will drive leads, conversions, and sales.

To encourage the most engagement, share content that is interesting or useful to your followers. The content you post should also be relevant to your business or industry. When there’s a good mix of promotional content and interesting content, more people are more likely to engage.

Lack of Communication & Interaction

Social media marketing is much more than making posts, tweeting, and sharing photos on Instagram. Consumers and followers want to be able to directly contact your business using social media.

While you may not be able to immediately reply to a message or a question posted in a comment, you’ll want to make a point of treating social media messages as serious inquiries. This means responding to questions and helping consumers with any concerns they may have.

Providing good customer service on social media shows that you care and value your audience.

Communication also involves taking part in conversations. If you’ve got a trending post on your page, take part in the discussion. Followers always like seeing businesses interacting with them and sharing their own views on things.

You’re Too Focused on You & Your Brand

We’ve all had that one annoying friend that spends all of their time talking about themselves. While you may be able to tolerate it for a little while, over time, that friend becomes tiresome to listen to. The same stands true in the social media marketing world.

Talking only about yourself and your brand isn’t engaging or interesting. While you may be tempted to post promotional messages as often as possible, this only causes a decrease in engagement.

Social media is all about interaction and engagement. The idea is to start a conversation and to get people talking. In order to get a high amount of YouTube video likes, you have to create a video that’s worth watching, not one that goes on for minutes about why your brand is so great. The same idea stands true for any content you post on social media.

Limited Business Information

Social media marketing can be used for much more than just posting video content or sharing groundbreaking news that impacts your business. Many people follow business’s posts in order to get updates about what’s going on in your business’s world.

To make the best out of social media marketing, be sure to post things such as:

  • Upcoming promotions
  • First notice of sales
  • New product releases
  • Holiday hours
  • Employee appreciation

This not only entices people to follow and continuously check your social media feeds, but it also brings a human face to your brand. The more in-touch and personable a brand, the easier it is for customers to interact and engage.

You Aren’t Using Video Content

Blogs and posts are great for social media, but if you really want to stay relevant and engage your followers, video content is a must. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily. Around 82% of Twitter users watch video content using the platform.

If you aren’t posting original video content, you’re not engaging your followers! A third of all online activity is spent watching videos. This means that you need to invest in creating short videos that will gain traction among your followers.

Look at some of your most recent blog posts or social media posts. Which ones have gotten the most attention and buzz? With the right topics, you can give your social media followers the content they want in a format that they love.


Social media marketing isn’t as simple as having a presence on each social media site. Instead, there are many things you need to do in order to make this form of marketing beneficial. When social media isn’t providing the results you want, keep these common pitfalls in mind.

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