Why online slots are so fun

When was the last time you played on a fruit machine? If it’s been a while then be sure to check out Mega Reel.

A slightly aged pastime, the humbler slot machine that sits patiently, flickering and flashing in the corner of pubs, chip shops and bars, is becoming a little neglected these days. Once a focal point of your local pub, the slot machine is now collecting a little more dust than it pound coins and it’s giving out more unexpected noises that it is jackpots.

How has this happened? Well, to put it simply, the internet has challenged the once thriving slot machine and beaten it. Beaten it at it’s own game, you might say. For the developers of such games and the casinos behind them, have all moved online into a whole new world of online gambling that has made the offline format a little defunct.

There are many reasons for this sensation. You can throw smartphones, marketing and more into mix. However, the biggest reason for the shift from offline pub-based slot machines, being taken over by online slots, is simply because online slots are so fun.

To educate a few and to celebrate the online format with those you already have a spin on the many online slot game titles that are out there, we wanted to have a go at explaining just why online slots are so fun. Here goes nothing…

Endless amounts of titles to choose from

When you walk into the pub, head to the bar and get your drink, you might fancy a flutter with that bit of spare change in your pocket. If this is the case, what options do you have?

Well, in all honesty, not many options at all. Just that one, aforementioned flickering slot machine. Whereas online, the choice is unbelievable. New titles are being release every single day for you to try your luck at, thanks to a competitive environment in which the online gambling industry is thriving.

High quality graphics

Gone are the days of the simple fruit being the main attraction of a slot game.

Nowadays, slot games that use these age old symbols are typically classified as ‘retro’ or ‘old school.’ With technological advancements have come amazing graphics and most new online slot games are now 3D experiences. Add to that smooth animation, and the overall production value of the online slot game has never been so fun.

Ambitious and interesting themes

Sometimes we wonder just how developers come up with some of the themes in slot games these days, with seemingly any concept under the sun – or indeed beyond it – able to be worked into a fun online slot game.

Of course, classic slot game themes such a fruit machines, Luck o’ the Irish and Ancient Egypt will pop up regularly, but add to that the likes of zombie apocalypses, Hollywood movies, cyberspace and underwater slot themes to name but a few.

With great themes comes a more ambitious product over all, with many slots now finely weaving a fun narrative into the gameplay, too.

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