What Makes a Good Math Tutor?

Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects for students. The United States consistently underperforms in mathematics and has not improved students’ performance in mathematics in decades.

Students must be able to complete college entrance requirements and pass standardized tests to be admitted into postsecondary institutions, and many career opportunities in the trades also require mathematical skills.

College and career preparation are two of the reasons some parents and students invest in math tutors’ services. For students struggling in math, a good math tutor may be the key to their academic success, so it’s essential to look for math tutors with these critical qualities.

Strong Mathematical Skills

Parents seeking tutors for young children may feel the same person who helps them with language arts can help their children with math. This may be true in some cases, but even elementary teachers may specialize in specific subject areas and teach multiple classes in those subject areas instead of teaching all disciplines.

Lack of preparation for teaching mathematics is one reason experts believe students in the United States are underperforming in this subject. If you’re seeking a math tutor because your child struggles with this subject area, their tutor must have a strong mathematics foundation.

Technological Skills

In 2020, teachers and tutors were prompted to utilize online sessions with students because of the coronavirus lockdown. Many tutors regularly offer online sessions. There are multiple benefits for parents and tutors. Parents do not need to spend time transporting their child to a physical location for tutoring, and parents can also access tutors with the specific skills their child needs.

A math online tutor can equip your child with the mathematical skills they need to thrive. Customized online math tutoring programs are available for children of all ages. Online tutors can also work with students preparing to take standardized tests or focusing on specific mathematics branches, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus.

Communication Skills

Math tutors need to have strong communication skills to relay mathematical principles to their students. They may need to adjust their approach for children with learning disabilities or speak English as a second language. The best math tutors know how to present critical information so their students can understand and process the information successfully.


The best math teachers find ways to reach their students, even if it means deviating from the course materials. They may use visual illustrations to demonstrate mathematical principles and encourage students to solve problems with blocks or other objects.

Although mathematics involves following specific processes to solve equations, instructors must first help their students understand the laws that govern mathematics. Once students understand these fundamental principles, they can learn to follow the appropriate steps.


Children will not learn effectively if their tutors are unfocused or bored during sessions. Tutors should be actively engaged and interested in the subject matter. They should also be eager to see their students progress. Enthusiastic tutors bring energy to the tutoring dynamic, which is vital since most students who are being tutored have already attended a full day of school and may be tired.


If the reason you’re seeking a math tutor is that your child is not doing well in this subject, you will need to find a patient tutor. It is unlikely children who find math challenging will grasp mathematical concepts quickly. If your child is behind in math, they may need to go back and learn mathematical principles they have not already mastered. Effective math tutors determine what their students need for long-term success instead of merely focusing on improving their performance on the next test.


Many families have hectic schedules, which means most parents are trying to fulfill multiple demands simultaneously. If you have more than one child who needs tutoring, if your child needs tutoring in several subject areas, or if your child must follow a custody schedule, you may need to find a math instructor with a flexible schedule.

Most math tutors already work during the late afternoon and evening. Some may also work on weekends. You may need to find an instructor who can alternate session days or times based on your personal needs.