Top 5 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Whether you’re a fashion fiend or you see clothes as practical items that simply cover the body, making your clothes last longer has many benefits. Not only does it encourage a sustainable way of living, it can also help you save money. It doesn’t matter if you prefer designer clothes or you are happy to shop on the high street, clothes can be pretty expensive in the long run. Good garment maintenance can prevent you from throwing away clothes prematurely and splashing out on more. This means you spend less money, and you are contributing less to the landfill at the same time. Here are a few top tips to help make your clothes last longer.

Avoid Fast Fashion

When purchasing new clothes, try to avoid fast fashion and choose high-quality garments instead. Although fast fashion is usually associated with cheap, high street stores, you don’t need to go out and spend an extortionate amount for quality. Simply make a conscious choice to purchase an item of clothing based on the construction and material, rather than purchasing it because it is on trend. In particular, you should try to invest in closet staples, such as winter coats and summer jackets, as they can be used time and again.

To Hang or To Fold?

The way you store your clothes completely depends on the type of garment it is, the material, the weight and the shape. For example, cashmere, wool and embellished items can be folded. On the other hand, chiffon evening dresses and suit jackets should be hung up to prevent wrinkles and to maintain their shape. In addition, a good quality hanger can make a world of difference. Cheap hangers can leave permanent dents, and they can even discolor your garments. Always opt for sturdy, durable hangers made from good materials instead. For high-quality hangers, visit

Treat Your Clothes Well

This doesn’t just mean being careful about ripping or tearing your clothes. Depending on the type of fabric, some garments may benefit from an actual treatment. For example, waterproof clothing needs to be reproofed in order to maintain a high level of water resistance, while suede items will need a specially formulated treatment to extend their life.

Do Less Laundry

This tip sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Doing the laundry isn’t everyone’s favorite way to spend their time, but it is a way of life for most households. However, the more you wash your clothes, the more you stress them out. Over-washing your clothes can do some serious damage. When washing clothes by machine, garments get stretched, they rub together and eventually they fade and lose their shape. Not only can you save money on the water bill by reducing your laundry, but you can actually make your clothes last longer too.

Remove Stains ASAP

To prolong the life of your clothes, make sure you address stains immediately. Unfortunately, stains can occur anywhere.

That’s why stain removal wipes and pens are handy accessories to keep in your bag for emergencies. However, don’t over-rely on these items, make sure you clean your garments properly once you are home.