Tips for Real Money on CS GO

It is not easy to obtain systematic winnings by betting on CS GO events, although it is possible. In fact, it is potentially very profitable if you know what you do. Although you are unlikely to start earning money immediately, you will get to do it if you dedicate enough time and effort.

Get to Know the Game

  • Watch as many professional matches as you can
  • Learn the concept of betting based on value
  • Start betting a little
  • Use our recommended cheap CS GO boosting services

Knowing how the game works is essential. In the same way that you would not bet (or should not do so) in a sport like football without knowing how to play, you should not bet on CS GO unless you fully understand it. Ideally, you spend some time playing it yourself, as it will give you a real idea of ​​how to play and what happens.

You can also read our cheap CS GO boosting guide mentioned here, which contains a lot of resources for you to learn more about the game. A good option is to watch the professional players who broadcast their games. They often offer some useful and interesting analysis that will give you a better idea of ​​the game.

Watching professional games is also good for learning more about the game. It helps you get to know teams and players better, which is vital for making good decisions when betting. Do you remember what we said before about not always betting blindly on the favorite? What you have to do is evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and then make your own deductions about which one is likely to win. Obviously, this is easier when you know the teams well.

When you bet on CS GO, use our recommended site As we explained earlier, there are good reasons to have chosen to recommend these sites. They provide a better overall experience than any other site and you don’t have to worry about being scammed in any way.

CS GO Aspect Bets

We talked a little before about the bets of aspects of CS GO and how they have become so important, whose popularity shows no signs of decay. And this despite the fact that the developers of CS GO (Valve) have tried to take vigorous measures against this activity and have even issued legal notices of cessation and withdrawal to aspects betting sites.

It seems difficult for Valve to curb what has become such a thriving industry. The only solution would be to completely stop trading aspects, but we are sure that they will not do that. Therefore, it seems that CS GO aspect bets are here to stay, at least for now, and now we will see how they work.

The basic principle behind aspect bets is simply that they are used as a substitute for cash. We can deposit our aspects in the betting sites in a similar way to how we deposit money in the gaming sites with real money. Our aspects are not transformed into cash, but they are assigned an approximate value. In some places, they become credits.

Obviously, we can withdraw our aspects at any time and they will be returned to our inventory, although in the sites that use credits, we must first convert our credits into aspects. Then, we can use our aspects as usual: use them in the video game, sell them to other players or use them to bet again.

In Addition to the Fact that we use Aspects Instead of Cash, Aspect Bets Differ From those of Real Money in Two Key Aspects:

  • The potential benefits are uncertain
  • There are fewer betting options

When we place a bet with real money, we are awarded fees for our forecasts and, if we succeed, they pay us according to the agreed odds, which means that we know exactly how much we can win for each bet we make. However, most aspects betting sites do not use odds and instead provide a “potential prize” for each bet placed. This gives us AN IDEA of what to expect if we win, but it is only an orientation.

In most aspects betting sites, we can only bet on the winner of individual matches, so we do not have the same variety of options as in real money sites.

Most sites offer various casino-style games where we can play our aspects with virtual dice or spinning a virtual roulette. We can even play blackjack with our aspects!

An especially popular way to play with aspects is by boats. In this case, we put some of our aspects (or all) in a boat in which the more aspects we put, the greater our chances of winning. Other players do the same and the winner takes all aspects of the pot.