That’s How To Make Your Wife Go ‘Aww’ On The Anniversary

Life gets pretty busy after marriage leading to a routine that lacks time for Love (not Love). The continuous drooling of Love that happened to be there for some months after the marriage is somehow forced to take a back seat in life. People say ‘Happy Marriage is a Myth’ because they forget to bring ‘Love Drooling’ back to the front seat of married life. Wives do a lot of care and adjustment to make a family but being a husband; it is your responsibility to sprinkle moments of romance and Love from time to time in your married life and to bring back the craze of being newly married to your wife.


What goes around, comes around! Talking about the date on which you both tied a knot of lifelong relation, talking about Marriage Anniversary. The anniversary is a golden chance to be crowned as ‘world’s best husband’ by making your wife go ‘Aww’ with your efforts and planning of celebrating the auspicious day.

And, here are the things that you can do to create a perfect blend of Loveful Marriage Anniversary: –

Plan Securely

Whatever you will do, you must plan things very securely. Your wife should not get to know anything about your plan. A single hint can destroy your surprise. Also try to do as many things as you can on your own because if someone in your family gets to know what you are up to, the chances are high that the talk can reach your wife’s ears. Advice – Work and execute like a detective!!

The Venue

Put your time to research and find a place which goes perfect for an anniversary date. The location could be any restaurant or cafe. It should be away from the noise and must have the capability to boost love. The venue plays a very important role in surprise, so try to be as specific as you can while choosing the venue.


Don’t be shy about investing a decent amount on decorations. You can ask the manager of the venue you have selected to take care of decorations. Spell out your preferences and things that impress your wife to the manager. The decoration can be in contrast to the favourite colours of both you and your wife inclusive of beautiful flowers and balloons. Tip – Try to walk down the memory lane with decoration.

Don’t Forget The Cake

Cake cutting is not a tradition; it is an expression of joy and happiness. Look for a bakery which can bake an astonishing and very personalised marriage anniversary cake. Just like the colours in the decoration, you can get the double-flavoured cake. It will cater to the taste buds of your and your wife precisely. Consider adding a piece of soothing background music while cutting the cake as it will make it more special and memorable.

A Gift For Sure

Just when she starts thinking that the celebration is coming to an end, surprise her with a charismatic gift. Be it a diamond necklace or a coffee mug; a gift is essential to complete the anniversary date and to yield long-lasting love out of it. You are free to choose a gift as per your budget but don’t forget to buy one.

At last, give her a tight hug! Wish for more and more Love in your married life! Be Happily Married!