Skill-Based Slot Games

For as long as anyone could remember, we’ve known slots as a game of luck; that there is no amount of skill involved. And then there were skill-based slots.

What Are Skill-Based Slots?

As the name states, skill-based slots are slot machines where winning is dependent on skill. Whether or not a player wins, depends on that player’s ability to play online gambling games. This is exactly the opposite of the slot machines we have grown to love is its lack of skill not what made it appealing to so many?

Why Skill-Based Slots?

Apparently skill-based slots have been around for years. They just have not managed to succeed in surpassing traditional (no skill involved) slot machines. While some players are looking for ways in which they can increase their odds of winning at slot machines, others prefer them as they are. No skill involved.

Changing the Game

What essentially differentiates skill-based slots from traditional slots is the player’s ability to determine the outcome of the game. Your skill determines whether or not you win. The better your skills, the better the payouts. So it is your responsibility to hone this skill in order to receive better payouts. Knowing that you can influence the outcome of the game and how much money you win, is enough to motivate any player to sharpen their skills.

With regards to loyal casino game players, this could be quite unfair. Some people are just more skilled in playing these types of games, especially millennials who are used to playing games on their mobiles and computers. This would thus give them an unfair advantage, especially in a casino setup where games are usually based largely on chance.

Casinos currently have very specific reward system in place for their players. They reward those that place big bets. The higher the bet, the higher the reward. However, in skill-based slots this would not be the case. The highest rewards would go to those with the best skills, regardless of how much they bet. Traditional slot players would also find this unfair because they put in so much (in terms of wagers) yet are not awarded for it.

Whereas with traditional slot games players had no idea how much they would win, in skill-based slots a player would have an idea of how much they would get.

Skill-based slot still have a long way to go before they can even think of overtaking the traditional slot machine. Whilst being a very attractive option for millennials, it might alienate traditional, high-betting players, which could end up costing casinos in the long run.

Skill-based slots are appearing in more and more casinos in order to attract gamers. And while they might be accepted, they will not be able to replace the traditional slot. Most likely scenario is that they exist side by side.