Roulette myths debunked

If it wasn’t for the eminent philosopher, scientist and engineer Blaise Pascal we probably wouldn’t have ever been graced with the great casino gambling game of roulette, there really is no arguing with that. The man was responsible for the world’s first ever perpetual motion machine, something that quickly ended up morphing into the roulette wheel, and the rest is history.

Because of its inherent dynamism and alluring promise of a hefty jackpot roulette to win spins very quickly gained a huge amount of popularity, spreading across the world in the process. As a result there have been countless roulette myths that have turned out not to be true, read ahead for a selection. It pays to know!

No difference between American and European roulette

You must have heard some quasi-gambling professionals talking about the minor differences between American and European roulette before, right? Some people just love to look clever, and that is where the myth that there is no difference between American and European roulette probably came from.

Contrary to what you might hear from people, there absolutely is a lot of difference between American and European Roulette, and it really does pay to know this. It all stems from the fact that American Roulette has two zero values, something that effectively halves your odds of a win. So yes, there is a difference, and it could certainly impact you if you don’t know about it!

It is clever to use the Martingale betting strategy

Oh if we could adequately describe to you the amount of pain that has been wrought over time by the Martingale betting strategy… And yet gamblers continue to use it, and even hail its praises! For those that don’t know, this is a system whereby you double your bet after every losing spin in the hope that you will eventually recoup your losses.

Whilst in some special cases it can work, what most people report when they use the Martingale strategy is that they burned through their bankroll a hell of a lot quicker than with any other betting system. Stay away from the Martingale strategy if you want to keep a good hold on your finances.

The outcome of roulette is not random

You know those people, don’t you? That absolutely love a good conspiracy theory. Well, it turns out that the world of roulette isn’t safe from these excitable individuals either, because there have been a number of theories over the years that argue that roulette is a game that can be effectively controlled from the house.

Absolute hogwash. Roulette is about the most random gambling game you can find these days, and to suggest that casinos can alter the landing of the ball is ludicrous. However, with that being said, it can be possible to spot flaws on the wheel that will end up influencing the ball to land on some values more than others. Highly experienced roulette gamblers have learnt to notice this, and it can have very good financial consequences.