Pros And Cons Of Quitting Work After Winning The Lottery

It’s one of those things you overhear yourself saying after a particularly arduous day of work: “When I win the lottery, I’m finally going to quit this place”. Just imagine, never having to work again, yet being able to afford every single thing your heart desires. It’s a dream for many people, but it begs the question whether quitting your job after winning the lottery is all it’s cracked up to be.

You might intuitively say, “yes, of course”, but it’s best to look at the pros and cons before making any rash decisions. After all, you could log onto tomorrow to find out that your ticket has won the Powerball jackpot, and have to make a life-changing decision about what you want to do. To work or not to work? That is the question this article will be looking at, with pros and cons to help support each argument.


You Can Travel The World

When you quit your job, you no longer have much reason to be tied to one place. Sure, you might own a home, but nothing is stopping you from using your hundreds of millions of dollars to buy another home somewhere else. Take your yacht for a spin around the French Riviera. Fly your private jet to a remote Polynesian Island. Take a personal safari tour through the African Savanna. There’s no need to put in a request for time off work – you can follow your whims.

You Have More Time For Family

Work often gets in the way of life’s more important things. When you quit your job, you’ll have ample time to spend with family, whether you decide to travel, or stay right where you are and spend your money at home. Just be cautious of distant relatives trying to nudge their way in once they learn about your brand new windfall.

You Have Zero Stress

Stress is bad for your health, and numerous studies have shown it. And what’s the number one driver of stress? Work. If you want to remove work-related stress from your life, take your sizeable jackpot and just sit back and relax.


You Get A Continuing Sense Of Accomplishment

A lot of people view their work as less of an impediment and more as a source of value. They get a great sense of accomplishment from their work, the feeling that they’ve done an honest day’s work and made a difference in the world. If you quit your job upon winning the lottery, there’s a risk that you will feel a sense of aimlessness.

You Can Socialize

Work is probably the number one way Canadian adults make friends, since socializing and chatting are an important part of most work environments. A lot of jackpot winners opt to keep their identities anonymous in the press, and carry on living their normal life, because the fear is that your friends might start treating you differently if they knew you were a multi-millionaire. Which leads to the final point…

You Can Remain Anonymous

Quitting your job can look awfully suspicious. If you really want to remain anonymous, away from media scrutiny and predatory people looking for a piece of your wealth, it’s best to stay put and keep doing your job.

There you have it – a thorough, honest look at the pros and cons of quitting your job when you win the lottery. Of course, there are worse dilemmas to have than this one!