Milestones Your Teen Can Still Enjoy During Pandemic

If you’re the parent of a teen living through life right now, odds are they are feeling pretty bleak about some of what are supposed to be the most exciting milestones in adolescence and young adulthood. Your teen, and the rest of your family, may be wondering what fun milestones they can actually enjoy given that so many celebrations have been canceled or are unsafe. If you’re looking for some life events that can still be safely celebrated and enjoyed in your teen’s life, here are a group of milestones that are great to acknowledge regardless of the pandemic.


Celebrate your teen getting their driver’s license.

If your teen is at the age where they are getting their driver’s license for the first time, that is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Getting your license and a new car are big responsibilities, but they are also a significant step towards your teen’s independence and freedom. However, with that responsibility and freedom comes the potential for a car accident that can result in property damage and potential bodily injury. Before you celebrate this new driver, make sure you have the proper car insurance lined up to cover your teen driver with collision coverage. You should research and compare auto insurance policies that will give you peace of mind while they’re on the road. It’s important to research car insurance and get various auto insurance quotes to compare, as you may miss out on an eligible insurance policy that comes at a discount when compared to the car insurance policy you may be used to. You will thank yourself when you see your teen driver get behind the wheel on their own for the first time.

Have a small, socially distant graduation party.

If your teen is graduating high school soon, or they graduated high school last spring, they may be feeling sad about this impressive milestone going uncelebrated. One way to remedy this is to have a small, socially distant graduation party. Get some party supplies to make the house look more special, and invite a few friends or family members near you. You can also encourage others who are further away to join in the celebration through a video call. You can make up for the lack of graduation party guests by investing in the graduation party supplies. Getting customized party supplies made with your teen’s favorite photos from high school and childhood is a special way to celebrate the occasion without being unsafe during the pandemic. Your teen will appreciate all of the time and effort you put in on the decorations and will love looking back on nostalgic memories at the party.

Consider throwing a tiny prom night.

Your teen may have missed out on the prom if it was canceled due to the pandemic. If this is the case, consider holding an at-home prom with just a few guests or with family only. Looking for a cheeky theme for this quarantine prom? ”Mask-erade“ would ensure each guest is properly masked without it taking away from the fun of prom!

Get your teen ready (and healthy) for college.

If your teen recently graduated high school or is going to graduate soon, it’s very likely they are looking ahead to college or another post-secondary program of some kind. After the excitement of your socially distant graduation party has died down, make sure your teen is completely prepared to move on to college. This includes not only making a list of dorm essentials and signing up for classes but also having a real discussion about mental health and wellness.

Graduating and leaving home while the world is still facing a pandemic is no small feat, and it should not be treated as such. If needed, get your teen set up with a knowledgeable therapist or psychologist in your area, or in the area of their new university home. Search for therapists near me coupled with your city or zip code for a full list of mental health practitioners, including family therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and general counselors. There are many types of therapy out there, and many psychologists are covered by your insurance carrier, so you can find your teen the right help to support them during this first step towards adulthood without breaking the bank.