Mary Magalotti: The Best Psychologist to chose

Looking for a good psychologist is one of the most difficult missions to accomplish, even more so if you want to find the best Psychologist. To help you choose, at Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions, we give you the keys to finding a good psychologist who can help you solve your problems in the fewest number of sessions.

How to find a good psychologist?

A circumstance can uncover weaknesses that we do not know how to overcome. For long periods we learn to live with worries, anxiety crises, fears, depressed moods. Sometimes we suffer so much inside that they don’t allow us a decent life. Maybe at some point we dare to say enough and decide to seek help.

It is then when the search for a good psychologist begins to be able to solve that problem that it inflicts on us. We searched the internet, asked our acquaintances and looked at many reviews and opinions in order to opt for the best psychologist in Malaga.

Among so much information it is normal to get lost. For this reason, we have elaborated the keys to find a good psychologist:

1. Graduate in Psychology, health or clinical accreditation and NICA registration

In the field of psychology there is a lot of intrusion: teachers with a master’s degree are already specialists in couples therapy, lawyers who take a coach course and give self-esteem and improvement workshops.

To practice health psychology, it is mandatory that the professional is accredited as a General Health Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist.

It is mandatory that the private center has the authorization of its opening by the Andalusian Government (NICA), and that it is easily visible both on the web and in the center itself. Without this authorization, there is no reliability of having a minimally experienced or trained psychologist.

2. Collegiate at the Official College of Psychology

To exercise our profession it is essential to be attached to the official school of Psychology. To check it you just have to go to the corresponding school and look for the professional. If he who advertises himself as a psychologist is not a member of the profession, he cannot practice the profession of Psychology.

3. Check that you have specialization in what you are looking for

Make sure their training is up to date. The more variety you have in the repertoire of tools and techniques, the more prepared you will be to establish balance in your life.

At Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions we take training as part of our work. It is a motivation that allows us to enrich the therapies whose results are reflected in the patient’s well-being.

We are psychologists with a vision of integration. We do not pigeonhole in a school, orientation or tool, we go further. We have enough training and experience to use the most appropriate at the key moment.

4. Make sure confidentiality is guaranteed

It never hurts to remember that during the sessions the confidentiality of everything you say or do must be guaranteed. As a general rule, your personal data cannot be disseminated by any psychology professional or by any company made up of psychologists. If this confidentiality is violated in any way, that fact may be cause for complaint.