How The American Musical and Dramatic Academy Reviews Became More Accurate

AMDA or the American Musical and Dramatic Academy is a fine educational institution which has seen some highly successful students come through its doors, who have gone on to do wonderful things in the arts. The school is widely recognized as being a great college and this is why it was somewhat bemusing to the board of directors when around 5 years ago the American Musical and Dramatic Academy reviews didn’t replicate the feedback which they were seeing or the credit which they were receiving from the education community. The team set about trying to ensure that these reviews and any future reviews would be accurate, and here is how they were able to set things right.


Much of the negativity which had been written about the college was difficult for many to understand but as with any negative feedback, they still wanted to see if these comments had any ring of truth about them. There were some small issues uncovered and fixed but in the main the comments were probably unfairly harsh on the college, left by students who possibly had an axe to grind. What I admire about this is that they didn’t just pass off these negative comments as hogwash, but instead intended to get to the bottom of them.


The number of reviews which had been left were quite minimal, especially given the number of students who have come through the doors here at AMDA and so the board decided that they wanted more reviews from their current student body, in order to see if the original reviews had been accurate. In order to get the students to do this the college offered some little incentives for the final year students to leave reviews. At no point in time were these students coerced into leaving positive reviews, far from it in fact, the college simply wanted honest reviews from them. They did this two years in a row and across these two years the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Celebration of Success

Something which the team did identify as an issue was the fact that as a college they were not very good at tooting their own horns and reminding the students just how much good the college has done, and what a special place they were lucky enough to study in. Over the course of the following semesters they sought to right this wrong and they began to publicize far more of the positive news which was coming out of the college such as the success of ex-students, any awards which had been given to the college and the brilliance of their teaching staff. Sometimes people can forget about the good things and fixate on the negatives, which is likely why the college did have poor reviews in the past.

The reviews of the college now are very positive and most importantly, they are accurately representing what everyone else is saying about this brilliant college.

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