How Do You Choose the Right Picture Frame?

Framing is an art form that requires a good eye for presenting photos in their best possible light. Yet, just as good framing can dramatically improve the appearance of a photo, bad framing can also take away from its beauty.

While it’s possible to frame lovely photos on your own, the assistance of a picture framers Perth company can help you elevate the overall look and feel of your photos and artwork. These people have years of experience and expertise in framing art, which can guarantee that your photos will get the best care and the right frames.

At the same time, though, you also need to be informed of your options so that you and your chosen framer can find frames that will perfectly fit your home or office. It’s a collaborative project; you need to have a vision, and the framing company can recommend the right tools and products to turn it to reality. Below, we have a list of common frame options as well as the best tips on how to choose the right frame for photos and art that you want to share with your guests and family:

Different Types of Frames

Frames can come in different types, shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular types are wooden frames, black and white frames, and metallic frames. When used right, they put the spotlight on photos in just about any room.

Wood Picture Frames

Wooden frames are a popular choice for adding a warm feel to a room. They usually complement rooms that are designed with a country or rustic feel, and they vary in colour from light to dark. Darker wooden frames are great for photos with warmer tones, such as brown and orange. Lighter-coloured wooden frames complement cooler tones in images, such as blues and greens.

White or Black Frames

If you’re aiming for that minimalist and elegant look, black or white photo frames are ideal. Using white frames tends to make darker tones stand out and makes lighter hues blend into the background more. With black frames, you make darker tones less noticeable and lighter hues stand out more.

Metallic Frames

Do you have some portrait or landscape photos you’d like to make more eye-catching? Then metallic frames are a perfect choice. Not only do metal frames look classy, but they also add a modern feel to a photo. Use them for your favourite wedding shots, or for landscape photos that deserve more attention.

Other Types of Frames

Decorative Frames

Decorative frames can have intricate borders, text sayings, and even 3D elements that make them pop. They’re also a good choice if you’d like to highlight your creative side.

Collage Frames

These have been gaining popularity lately, and they’re commonly used for family photos. Collage frames are also ideal for showcasing your favourite photos that express one of your interests or hobbies, such as travelling or wildlife photography.

Professional Tips for Choosing the Right Frame

Along with the above guide, use the tips we’re sharing with you in this section for framing stunning photos that will make visitors want to linger more in appreciation:

  1. Think about the room you’re displaying the photo in. Choose a frame that blends well with the overall decor to add a feeling of aesthetic balance.
  2. The mat colour and frame colour should ideally be different to add visual contrast. If they’re too similar, you’re putting more focus on the frame instead of the photo.
  3. For casual or candid photos, go for lighter-coloured frames. For formal or professional pieces, darker frames usually work best.
  4. Instead of matching photo colours to frame colours, try matching the frame to the overall tone of the image, such as if it feels casual or formal.
  5. Use oval frames for photos with a rustic feel. They are great as tabletop conversation starters.
  6. If choosing a photo frame for a gift, consider frames with crystal borders.
  7. Consider having a picture frame engraved to make the photo yours. This type of frame also makes for a nice gift.

Frames Take Your Photos on an Entirely New Level

The fine art of photo framing can make a dramatic difference in how your photos are appreciated by other people. With the right frame, you can make photos blend in or stand out. They can also help create a more vivid story behind every photo, so they become more memorable.