Here are the painting trends for winter 2020

Here comes again another season of freshness and romantic scenery. Season to wait and to witness the fall of the leaves which is one marvelous sprint of nature. The cold dusty breeze giving gelid and all of this reminds us that winter has come. After a gloomy pandemic, every small change in Life is so welcoming. Combating travel and limiting visits to any new land has made us realize the importance of creating a warm home and nourishing the beauty of our surroundings. Therefore, I decided to visit the painter near me who had suggested to browse through the Asian Paints website to understand the trending color shades along with the budget knowledge from the Asian paints price list. I was amazed that wall painting isn’t monotonous as it used to be with the common color shades. Amazed to realize that these painting companies have managed to get nature’s best at our doorstep.

Each year there is one color that gains a momentum of appreciation and choice to be called the most trending. So, why not be with the trend, and here I am knowing, learning, and thus appreciating the platter of hues.

Natures lustrous Green

The freshness and beauty of nature are everlasting and does not change as per the trend. Engulfing the greeny view in the interior walls gives the feel of being in nature’s hug.

Earthy Clay

There used to be a time when pucca houses smelling of mud were limited to the villages. With the trending acceptance of this shade, we feel connected to the mother earth and color of easy maintenance. Thus, painting brands have gotten this shade to give a natural earthy look.

Pastel Blue

Everywhere the pastel shades have overdrawn all attention. Oceanic blue and the skyish tinge all depicting wonderful shades. Not just blue but olive greens and other pastel hues are trending due to the classy look.

Snowy White

The all-time serene and overly rated white will never lose its charm. The best thing is that now we have many shades from bright to light.

Blushy Pink

Favorite of the female fraternity and the most loved color which is timeless, chic, and lovely. Be it the interior or exterior walls, this one shade is never gone too late.

Bright Lime

More of the yellow family this is a sweet tickle to soberness and looks quite sassy. For the Fengshui believers, this one shade is all they need and never boring.

Browns and Rusts

The terracotta and willi-craft liking has brought these shades to the exterior walls and preferable for highlighting a single interior wall.

Darker Rich Tones

Emeralds, Blue turquoise color shades, and many other emerging new shades are making space in the painting catalogue and our interiors as well. Fashionable shades are which can be a wiser choice as per the interior or furniture and living room décor.

While some of the shades are suitable for the exteriors, some combat to match the interiors. Asian paints website features a wider catalogue which showcases a cluster of varied shades. Through this palette of vivid colors I was able to see the free-spirited nature’s basket and for the first time realized how simple color creations can bring an aura by itself.

Painting is no longer just an annual affair done for the heck of it but now a more sensible choice as per our taste and color interest.