Give The Kids A Place to Play This Summer

As a parent, there’s nothing better than standing inside, looking out the kitchen window, and seeing the kids playing happily together on the outdoor swing set for your yard. Not only is it good for them to be outdoors, burning off some energy, but it allows you some much needed time to yourself, or time inside to do household chores without too many interruptions!  Little did you know, however, there are more benefits to encouraging your kids to go outside and play than you may have realized!

Happiness Increases

When kids play outside, they get to experience so many of the little things in life that can offer us true joy and happiness.  The beautiful sunshine and clouds; the wind, blowing their hair around in crazy ways; the dirt and rocks and sand and mud, and all the creatures hidden outside that kids inevitably seem to dig up and bring into the house.  This time in nature, time in the fresh air, and time with other kids, or just within the depths of their own imagination, all serve to reduce stress and anxiety, and contribute to increased levels of happiness.  From there, the result is infectious: happier kids mean happier parents, and the cycle continues.

Sleep Improves

All that time outside, playing on the outdoor swing set in the yard, and digging up worms in the dirt leaves not only happy kids, but also tired kids! Kids who have time to play outside are less likely to wake at night and have a better quality of sleep for a longer period of time.  Exposure to sunlight is important for the regulation of sleep patterns and the body’s circadian rhythms, while getting enough sleep means kids are less irritable, less likely to suffer from hyperactivity, and have a lower risk of obesity.

Confidence Expands

Outdoor play is all about taking risks and being challenged.  Whether it is the first time they go down the slide, the first time they are on the swing by themselves, or the time they fall off their bike and have to get back on again, all of these things, while taking confidence to initiate, take equal confidence to repeat and to learn from.  Essentially, outdoor play is a huge growing and self-development opportunity for your child, and is certainly one that shouldn’t be discounted or neglected in their childhood days.

With all of these amazing benefits for you and your child coming from outdoor play, there’s more than one reason to give them the benefit of an outdoor swing set and jungle gym in the yard.  Reach out to Funscapes to learn more about the options available for upgrading your backyard and installing a playground. From there, get ready to reap the benefits for yourself, and improve the health and wellbeing of your children at the same time.