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What button on the varsity jackets is the one that does not fasten? Did he have to stick his shirt out of the sleeve or not? I have spare shoulder pads? If you are one of those who ask yourself these types of questions every time you go to buy a blazer, stop doubting! We have compiled in 5 keys the questions that you must take into account to choose the perfect mens varsity jacket UK, the one that will suit you best.

In summary, you should pay attention to five aspects: the shoulders, the lapels, the buttons, the length and the darts. The rest (the color, the straight or slim fit cut and the clothes with which you are going to combine it) we leave it in your hands. Let’s go shopping!

1. How should the shoulders fall?

As soon as you put on a jacket, the first thing you should check is the fit between the garment and your shoulders. The alignment must be to the millimeter so that the jacket falls straight on your back and so that a square view of the back is generated. Make sure that there is no hanger effect, that is, that it does not give the feeling that you have left such an object without removing it when you have put on the garment.

And watch out for wrinkles! If you see any hint of them, forget about the blazer you’re trying on. It’s not for you.

2. Size of the lapels in the men’s jacket

Once you’ve made sure the shoulder measurement is correct for your back, take a look at the lapels. These must:

Rest without shrillness on the neck, without getting out of control or being excessively loose.

Have a suitable size depending on the impression you want to offer. Remember that the wide lapels tend to visually narrow the back, while the narrow lapels in the men’s jacket achieve the opposite objective.

Do not leave space between the collar of the shirt and the blazer. The shirt should stick out just one or two centimeters outside the jacket.

There are different types of flaps: round, narrow, notched, spearhead… In this case, the key is how smart your choice should be. The fewer notches, the more formal the jacket will be.

3. What to note about buttons

Before buttoning up your jacket, a note:

In two-button jackets, the main button (and the button that is fastened) is the one on top.

In those with three buttons, this role is played by the one in the center.

Now, try to fasten the main button. If doing so doesn’t create an X-shaped fold in your stomach, test passed!

4. What is the appropriate length for a men’s jacket?

To assess the length of the jacket you can choose any of the following criteria. The length will be correct if:

Placing the arms in a relaxed position next to the body, the thumbs just touch the edge.

The jacket covers the fly of the pants.

The main button is at the height of the navel.

The sleeves protrude about one finger (no more) from the shirt.

5. All about the darts in the men’s jacket

Finally, you have to make sure that the darts in the pattern of the jacket work in your favor:

If your silhouette is broad-shouldered and narrow-hips, or if both your shoulders and hips are wide, darts will help the jacket fit snugly against the body in the right places.

If, on the other hand, you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, or narrow shoulders and hips in general, a straight cut will suit you better.