Expected changes in slots in 2020

Although at first glance the slot industry might not look too much different than it did when it all started at the end of the 19th century, in fact a lot has changed in those ensuing years. The games are still essentially played the same way, but they are also different – there are extras such as bonus games involved now, and you can play at slotsbaby.com or even on the go.

The thing with the slots industry is that it has never stood still, even if that’s how it might seem from the outside. Plenty has been going on behind the scenes, and plenty is still going on. Here are just some of the changes you might be able to expect in 2020.

Virtual Reality

Now that you can purchase virtual reality headsets and controllers for your own home at a fraction of the price they used to sell for, the idea of VR gaming is becoming a lot more attractive. Yes, you do have to have special equipment, but it won’t bankrupt you and it will open up the world of gaming like never before. People really are starting to understand just how exciting virtual reality can be.

Many different games can be played using VR technology, and slots are no different. Some slot machines will soon have a very realistic simulation rolled out that can be played using virtual reality. It will look and feel as though you are in a land based casino when you are really playing slots in the comfort of your own home – you might say it’s the best of both worlds, thanks to updated and affordable VR tech.

Cryptocurrency Slots

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin, but there are many others that people like to use as well. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any particular government, meaning that it is easy to use in transactions no matter who or where you are buying from.

Cryptocurrencies are also incredibly secure thanks to the complicated codes that have to be generated (automatically – you won’t have to do it yourself) in order to be used. Plus, they are anonymous; you don’t have to enter your name and address or any card details like you would in a ‘normal’ online transaction. All added up, it’s not surprising that these currencies are gaining traction.

Online casinos are spotting this trend too, which is why more and more of them are offering gamblers the chance to pay using cryptocurrencies. This seems to be something that will become a much more frequent occurrence in the coming few years.

Cross Platform Slots

Right now, for the most part, you can either play your online slots on a mobile device or a laptop. Good options, yes, but limited. Cross platform slots will remove these limitations and enable you to play slots on whichever platform you choose, from the traditional ones mentioned above to more unusual places such as your Playstation or Xbox. Even your smart TV or watch might be an option in the future.